The Eingana Whelps are peaceful and shy creatures that live in the Drifting Woods and are rarely seen by any other race other than the human Ter'ei'Vikh tribe. These colour-changing whelps eat only vegetables, fish and fruits and have no scales on their body, just a coat of fur. Their average lifespan is around 150 cycles but in some cases they can live past 250 years if the Whelps Master cares for it and nurtures it in times of need.

Appearance. The Eingana Whelp is approximately half a ped in height when grown to its full size, its wing span is also around half a ped and its tail length stretches out to about 1 or 2 peds. It has fur on its body instead of scales which is a soft colour-changing coat and under the fur lies a thick coat of adamant which grows about half a ped each year. During the seasons its coat seems to change colour. In summer the coat is a bright yellow or orange color, as autumn comes the yellow changes into a lime green color, then as winter comes that green becomes a pale white colour and finally spring is where the white turns into a blood red colour.

The Eingana is a whelp which has no horns on its body at all, just two that are on the top of its head. It walks on all four feet and it has only one set of teeth during its entire lifetime. The enormous jaw of the creature allows it to swallow its food whole or lock its jaw on the prey to stop it from escaping. As the Eingana grows older, its horns also begin to change colour, starting from birth when they are white to old age when they are as dark as the night. The eyes of the Eingana Drake also change as the seasons pass by. Its eyes will be the same colour as the coat was in the previous season. Its spine starts from the tip of its head going all the way down to its soft tail. The Eingana's ears are small holes that are covered by its fur and are used so that the whelp can hear how close something is by hearing the sound of its footsteps. If it approaches too close then the Engana will simply fly away without looking at the intruder. Return to the top

Special Abilities. The Eingana Whelp's special ability is as mentioned before, hearing how close something is to it without looking at it. Another of its special abilities is that the Eingana can sense when a female Eingana is near because a rich aroma is released by the females and this aroma can only be sensed by males. Other than its color changing ability it also has gills on the side of its neck which are covered by its fur that allow the drake to breathe underwater for a long period of time. Return to the top

Territory. The Eingana Drakes live in the Drifting Woods and never venture anywhere else but there. The Eingana spends its day peacefully venturing around the Drifting Woods, however, if it spots predators it will flee by hiding deep underwater for a period of time until it is certain the predator has left. The Whelps also spend their daily time by searching for food and looking for a good resting place, though they always travel as a family or as partners the father searches for food while the mother and young drakes search for a resting place.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Eingana Whelps are almost always seen together as a family or as partners. They are peaceful little creatures which will not attack an enemy but when the enemy gets too close they will simply fly away from it. They are very wise creatures and have special connections with the people of the Ter'ei'Vikh tribe allowing only them to come close to the whelps and in some cases letting some of the tribe members touch them!

The Whelps care for their partner or younger whelps by first finding food for them and then when the younger drakes and partner are done with eating the whelp will then go off alone to find food for itself. As the younger whelps begin to reach four years of age their wings will start to grow and soon it will be able to fly. During this time the younger whelps are allowed to go off with the father to scavenge for food to give to the mother and the younger female whelps. As for the female whelps, they will go with their mother to find a mate and when they reach 4 years they will begin to release that rich aroma only male whelps can sense.
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Diet. The Eingana Whelps eat only vegetables and fruits. They drink a great amount of water and often sometimes during winter and autumn they will eat fish since the fruit does not grow a lot during that time. If the whelp is without an owner or a family it will usually become a predator, feeding on fish and in some cases it will feed off the flesh of a human.
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Mating. When a male has sensed the aroma he will walk towards it as he comes to the female releasing the odour. The female will then decide if she wants the male as her partner and she will get close to him, but if she refuses she will simply turn away looking for another mate and continuing to release the aroma. If the female has chosen to mate with the male the two of them will fly away together both leaving their families to start their own family. When pregnant the female whelp will usually give birth to about 4 or 5 small whelps and those whelps will have no fur until they are at least nine days old. The whelps will have no horns, and they will be blind for about one week. After approximately three weeks to a month the small whelp will begin to use its legs and walk. As for the older whelps they can only give birth once to a group of small drakes in a lifetime. Before the whelp is about to die if it is a female it will release the remains of her aroma and if it is a male will become blind and lose sight at once, only then to suffer a fast death minutes later.
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Myth/Lore. The Eingana Whelps have few myths related to their kind. Some people of the human Ter'ei'Vikh tribe have said it is extremely good luck to sees a whelp born on a full moon, a vital figure in their religion (representing their main deity).
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