An Elemental is a powerful magical being, consisting solely of one of the four elements (wind, earth, fire, water). Elementals do not exist on their own, but have to be created first artificially, by a mage proficient in casting xeuá magic (Level VIII Xeuá Spell: Create Elemental). In the process of this creation, the mage strengthens the bond of elemental xeuá, creating "life" in the element of question. However, as the element will seek its normal form, the Elemental will soon dissolve, the magical bonds maintaining it being burnt out. Usually Elementals last only for a few hours unless enhanced by further magic.

Unlike a golem for example, the Elemental is not bond to its creator. Yet, controlling the fury of the elements is not an easy task, and the Elemental can very well break free if under a spell's control, becoming a danger to the sumoner himself and all others who might be in the area nearby.

Appearance. An Elemental usually consists to a full percentage of the element it is created from and resembles in general the form of its summoner (which is usually humanoid), however the caster can make it any form he wants. But as the Elements are not solid, Elementals can assume any form needed, and usually appear as man-like shapes constantly churning around. Return to the top

Special Abilities. There are four different types of Elementals, and they all have their special abilities, decided by their element. The abilities and types are as follows:

The Air/Wind Elemental The Earth Elemental The Water Elemental The Fire Elemental

The various types of Elementals. Click on pictures to enlarge. All pictures drawn by Quellion.

Territory. Being a short-lived artificially created being, Elementals do not have any territory they can call their own. If controlled they are where their master is, or, if they break loose, wherever they choose to go, which usually is to where they can find more of their element to strengthen themselves. Return to the top

Habitat/Behaviour. The Elemental is only bound to the caster when created, however, as the energies of the Elements are violent and hard to control, the Elemental will break free of the caster's guidance as soon as it is powerful enough, thus becoming a danger to everyone in its way. Casting Create Elemental therefore is limited to only very powerful mages, who are also capable of casting further spells with the intention to lead the actions of the Elemental towards certain directions. Elementals don't have "minds" in the common sense, but consist mainly (aside from their physical appearance) of a pure Elemental will to survive and may react very unpredictable to attempts to harness this will. It's not uncommon that elementals turn against their "masters" right after being created and if the spell meant to control the creature fizzles or the Elemental cannot be destroyed by other means immediately, the mage will be the first target of attack of his own creation.
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Diet. Elementals do not require food, however they can replenish themselves by absorbing more of their own element if needed: Water Elements for example may enhance their powers by absorbing water from a stream or a lake (or even by walking through rain), though this doesn't really increase life force as far as is known, but only adds more strength to the Elemental.
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Mating. Elementals do not reproduce as they are only artificially created magical beings. However, the saying goes that during the War of the Chosen Elementals were able to join with other Elementals, doubling their size and power. If these stories are only a legends noone can say - today the creation of Elementals is very rare and the producing of several Elementals at the same time would be quite irresponsible as the consequences could be fatal.
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Myth/Lore. Nobody knows for certain when the ability to create beings from the raw elements was discovered, nor by whom. However Elementals were used in large quantities during the legendary War of the Chosen, and are still created nowadays for various purposes, though much more rarely. (It should be noted that the spell needed to create such powerful Elementals is quite complicated, and only the advanced mages succeed in it.)

At the Magical Academy of Ximax, there is a legend, probably as old as the school itself, that if the four types of elementals are brought together, and united trough the power of Xeuá Magic, one can create a Spectral Elemental, an extremely powerful magical being consisting of the four elements and having all the abilities of the elementals, as well as abundant lifetime. It is said that there have been many who tried to accomplish this feat, but so far we only learn more about these creatures from legends than from reality.
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