Erissa's Tears is the commonly used name for the Ynia. It is a tiny light purple flower that is usually the first to appear at the end of winter. Often emerging as the snow is receding.

Appearance. This tiny flower stands about three nailsbreadths high and the leaves and stem are a dark green. The leaves are heart-shaped, a nailsbreadth in width and circle the stem close to the ground. There are usually three leaves. The stem is thin and stands straight with the flower sitting flat on top. The flower itself has four petals that are circular and less than a nailsbreadth across. They can range from a light purple to purple in color with the lighter shade more predominant. In the center with the stamen is a white spot. Return to the top

Territory. This flower can be found all over the continent of Sarvonia, whether it is along the shores of the sea or high in a mountain pass. The flower needs to be in full sunlight so it is mostly found in open areas like meadows, fields or southern slopes of mountains, e.g. at the Nirmenith Mountains in southern Santharia.
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Usages. There are no known uses for this flower. Although, many a maiden have been known to braid this tiny flower into their hair before attending one of the spring fairs.
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Myth/Lore. Most of the inhabitants on the Sarvonian continent have heard about or know of the selfish and cold-hearted girl who became the Snow Maiden. The stories may differ slightly and the name may be Arysa, Erris or similar, but all end the same way. It is believed, since these tiny flowers come so close to winter's end, they are the tears shed by Erissa when winter is giving way to the warmth of spring. Some say they are tears of sorrow for what she has lost and repentance. Others claim they are tears of rage that once again she has lost dominance to the warmth of the world.
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