The Exechon is an enormous, deadly lizard species which can mainly be found at the desert continent of Aeruillin to the south of Sarvonia. The Exechon usually lives in caves at lands consisting of sand and rock, but it is said that its hunger can sometimes force it to leave its territory and that it can feast on dozens of unaware travellers at once. One thing that you should be taught from youth is to never run into an Exechon alone, as a matter of fact running into an Exechon in a group of ten people is also a bad idea. The Exechon is an especially vicious, dangerous, and all around not friendly lizard. Those rows of razor sharp teeth don't seem to be for show either.

The Exechon

View picture in full size Image description: An exechon on its prey. Picture drawn by Aragorn.

Appearance. Exechons are relatively large lizard beasts, at three peds in length, and one and a half peds tall, adding in the one ped tall comb on its back. It has thick leathery skin, prized by hunters and the like, for those stupid enough to get it. The beast has over a hundred of very sharp teeth, used for not simply biting, or chewing, but mauling. Exechons also come equipped with a long, muscular tail. They also wear incredibly sharp claws on each of its feet, 3 to a foot, 6 nailsbreadth a claw. Its eyes stare directly in front of it as most carnivores do for judging the location of prey. It has no noticable ears or holes in the sides of its head but does seem to hear. Return to the top

Special Abilities. Exechons are surprisingly agile, as unwitting hunters learn a bit late. As they are cold blooded the Exechons will charge up heat by sitting on a rock during midday with its comb at such an angle as to gather as much warmth as possible. Its thick skin enables it to easily defend blows, badly fired arrows and the like. They are also strong and will easily overpower, outrun, and successfully rip to shreds anyone that annoys it. Return to the top

Territory. The Exechon lives in the desert continent of Aeruillin and has been seen in the Rahaz-Dath desert in southern Sarvonia. Although some say these beasts are extinct, but they live in desolate areas and are not likely to be seen often - which has its advantages one might add.
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Habitat/Behaviour. These beasts are exceptionally territorial. During the day an Exechon will leave its den, which is usually a lot of brush, and sticks thrown over a large pit, and circle around it searching for prey. It finally leaves its den after a long prowl to find far off prey, at this point it attacks anything. Although the Exechon is known to prefer smaller food it has also been seen to attack large desert animals. The Exechon is not very stupid and kills when it isn't hungry for reasons. Anything can be a threat later on, better it is dead now than it is alive when you are in a bad position, seems the way Exechons judge intruders.

The Exechon has never been tested to see how long it lives as none have been successfully captured alive and no researcher ever managed to get close enough for a long enough time - before getting eaten anyways that is...
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Diet. Exechons eat small lizards usually, sometimes spiders or scorpions. If it is very hungry an Exechon will go after bigger prey, which could mean everything else it encounters, but lizards, spiders or scorpions are what it usually lives of. Hunting for the Exechon is fairly difficult. The force of the Exechon seems to be obvious, but not its agility. Many heroes-to-be underestimate the Exechon's fast movement and are teared to pieces by hundreds of long, sharp teeth emerging from the enormous maw of the creature. Sometimes the Exechon even uses its massive tail to whip surrounding attackers from their feet, then the beast crushes the heads of the fallen and finally turns to face the others still standing. Killing an exechon even in a group of several armed men is always a very dangerous task and every second can be the last one for the unsuspecting attackers.
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Mating. Very little is known about mating between Exechons, due to the fact that research is incredibly difficult. It is presumed, since Exechons are always seen alone, that life long mating is not done, and since none are seen with young Exechons that the eggs are simply dropped off and left. So it is concluded that Exechons meet during mating season, whenever that is, lay the eggs and seperate again. Young Exechons seem to help each other to survive oddly enough, as young ones are easier to research though hard to find, and after they mature enough to take care of themselves they split up. Although many die soon, Exechons lay about 5 eggs per mating.
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Usages. In former times Exechons were hunted from large groups of men to conquer a high quality of thick leather from their bodies and to feast on the unique meat these creatures offer. The Exechon hunt also once was very common to prove the manhood of youth at Aeruillin tribes. As defeating an Exechon is not an easy task: It is said that the enormous hunger of the lizard can sometimes force the beast to leave its territory and that it may kill dozens of unaware men within a few moments. Therefore the Exechon hunts often were performed by luring the creature away from its hideout and to catch the animal in an ambush. The proud trophy for the successful fight against an Exechon usually is the magnificent comb the beast is wearing on its spine, which people like to decorate their homes with.
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