Appearance. Feylien are blood nourishing insects which have different appearances in larvae and in adult Stage:

The Feylien Bug

Image description. The blood nourishing insects of the Feylien. Picture drawn by Seeker.

Special Abilities. These insects nourish themselves on blood. It is this aspect which has created a large demand for them. Many a healer is always on the lookout to find or buy some of these creatures. They are highly sought after as they are placed upon infected wounds to help draw out the infected blood. Feylien are only valuable in the larvae stage, due to the fact that when they mature not only do their feeding structures change, but also the development of wings makes it more difficult for proper placement. Return to the top

Territory. Though found throughout the swamps of Caelereth, the most highly prized Feylien specimens come from the Aldrige Swamp below the Vindel Mountains in the Kanapan peninsula. This species is preferred due to its increased size, and it seems to have a longer larvae stage, thus making them more useful.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The main point is that Feylien have not been studied much in the wild due to their feeding habits, and the dislike of many people for them. However, it is assumed that this insect has a group dynamic, as it is rarely seen in single numbers in the wild. It is known that the larvae stage lasts for two months, followed by a one month pupae stage, and the adult stage for three months. Thus the average Feylien lives for a total of approx. six months.
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. The Feylien feed only on blood. While in larvae stage it is often the blood of recently deceased animals, and humans of the region joke that the mature Feyliens feed only on them, the truth is that there seems to be no preference over what type of blood.
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Mating. An old Kanapan joke states that the only thing that mates more often then young lovers are the Feylien. This is not an actual season or preferred time of the year; rather it depends on the individual insect. Within one day of reaching maturity it will mate. It will then proceed to mate several times daily for the rest of its lifespan which is approximately three months from reaching maturity. After a female has had her inner egg pouch fertilized she will simply drop to the ground, and pop out a small sack filled with dozens of eggs. These will then hatch within several days.
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Usages. Not only being simple insects but a rather sought after item has made them a valuable trade commodity for certain regions. One of these regions is the Aldrige Swamps in the Kanapan peninsula. The sole reason for habitation of the swamp is to capture and cultivate these creatures. The best time to beginn transport of the Feylien is during the larvae stage, as this and the pupae period are their most inactive times. Large quantities of swamp mud is gathered into metal containers approximately one ped square. The Feylien larvae are put inside, now to make sure that the creatures survive shipping, a cap is taken off a meshed hole and one mug of blood is poured into each container once a week. The danger of capturing and transporting such creatures of course makes them costly. A crate of the Kanapan species can go for as much as a full bolt of silk.
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