"Fish" is the general term for all beasts living in the seas and rivers in the world of Caelereth, consisting of a vertebrae skeleton, which are breathing by the use of gills. There exists a great variety of fish of different sizes and builts, dependend its natural environment, the enemies etc. Though some fish may be dangerous or poisonous for the races, many of them serve as an excellent food source or have other important uses.

Overview. Following is a list of all kinds of Fish known in the lands of Caelereth:

The Ancythrian Shark

Most people consider sharks as deadly, vicious, evil, and all around unpleasant things. These rumors mostly derive from any encounter made with the Ancythrian Shark. This saltwater fish lives a lonely life, eating anything that may keep its company out of the breeding season. As the name already implies, this shark can only be found in the Ancythrian inland sea. Lacking in any intelligence the creature is easily fooled but will usually get its target eventually. The Ancythrian Shark is the most feared hazard of the average Alvang sailor. Return to the top


At first glance, the Archerfish does not seem particularly extraordinary; brown with silver stripes and being a fore and a half long. Only by studying it for a somewhat longer period of time would you notice the small bursts of water exploding with arrow-like force from above the swimming fish. The Archerfish has the remarkable ability to shoot bursts of water up to one and a half peds from the surface to knock out insects with great accuracy. It is found only in the Drifting Woods at the continent of Nybelmar and makes its home in the open tree roots, though it does roam constantly. Return to the top

The Barsa gives its name to a family of similarly related ocean fish. Like the others, it is a good food source and much sought after fishermen. Like each member of this family, it lives in the same kind of environment, has basically the same diet and is a good food. It differs, as the others do, by body coloring, fin structure and habitat range. Return to the top

The Bonehead is a huge marine fish from 1.5 to 2.5 peds in length covered with large scales. It gets its name from the thickened cartilage and bone structure about its forehead and cranial area. In general the Bonehead's body is compressed and flattened at the sides. The Bonehead is a very popular and easily worked food fish. It can be salted and dried and stored for long periods of time without spoiling. It can be eaten as dry tack, or more popularly, cooked in water and it becomes tender and fresh again. Return to the top

The Cáeh-Fish is only one of the many monstrous fish species that dwells in the Ancythrian Sea. Cáeh-Fish have an intimidating appearance, and they are among the largest fish in existence. Their flesh is very popular, especially among the natives of Narvoss. They are also hunted by the Goltherlon elves west of the Ancythrian Sea for their flesh. The bones are used for artists' tools, the tail-fin in particular. They are a very rare catch, however. Return to the top

The Clawfish is a costly food, usually eaten by those of higher class. Despite this in certain parts of the world it may be eaten by most, being a regular meal. Cost depends on the type of Clawfish, the size, and the distance traveled before being bought. There are three types of Clawfish, similar in almost every way except for the colour and a slight size difference in the claw. Red Clawfish are usually the kind royalty eat. The Blue Clawfish is the most common Clawfish eaten by common people, though it is still usually only eaten for important celebrations or other such things. It is called blue though it really has a purple tint to it. The darkness of the tint varies between each Clawfish. Green Clawfish are eaten by those who catch them and sold for the lowest price. Each kind weighs, on average, 2 ods, though they can become quite large. The largest one that was recorded was 4 hebs. Clawfish are also commonly called "Lobsters". Return to the top

The Dark Stryke Shark

This deadly and mysterious beast has been a source of fear and myth on the northern seas for many years. Nothing can bring about as many nightmares, yet nothing is so prized in its capture as one of these Dark Stryke Sharks. Found in the northern oceans, and said to be created by the Gods Aleshnir in her struggle against Zundefor, these beasts will leap up to 6 peds from the hidden darkness below to capture their prey and can be considered extremely dangerous to its environment, fish and men alike. Fin soup made out of the Dark Stryke Shark on the other hand is said to increase male virility, and is sought-after by many a Remusian. Return to the top

The Dolpholk

Dolpholk (singular "Dolphune") are warm-blooded, semi-sentient sea creatures. Researchers are only now beginning to investigate this species further because of their close relationship with merpeople. The other names known for them are “Ffeechuvo” (Mermish), “AnjorWie” (Thergerim, transliterated as ‘fish-thing’!) and the lyrical elven “Thymie’ll’so” (Styrásh Thymie’ll’so, with discernable roots to ‘sea’, ‘jewel’, and ‘song’...) Return to the top

The Dominoore Fish is a creature of many shades and hues, coming in many varying colours, ranging from cyhalloian snow to norsidian. It is found in the waters around Milkengrad, and in the Ancythrian Sea, and has a few interesting qualities. It is a known mount for a group of rogue Brownies, and even possesses mild telepathy. Return to the top

The Evoor, also known as the Blackdah, is an ocean fish of approx. half a ped in length. It has a large head and gill structure with straight-edged body scales. The Evoor has extremely oily flesh and is very rarely used as food. The oil is pressed out of the flesh and used in lamps or other needs. The remainder is often ground, dried and used as a fertilizer. Fishermen also cut it up to use for bait on other food fish. Return to the top

Phyllu-eck-Fyrthara (lit. "Fire Fish") is a kind of fish with little meat, lots of spines, and even more fat, which is the reason of its name rather than its dull bronze colour since it is dried and used as a candle by the Ice Tribes and the inhabitants of the southern regions of Cyhalloi. Besides its use for light, the fat is often used in cuisine and medicine, while the little meat that can be scrapped off the bones can be used for a meager meal and the bones on its dorsal fin can be used as needless to sew leather and fur. Return to the top


The Foilfish, also known as the "Red Herring", is a remarkable, yet small fish of the seas north of Nybelmar. Reknown for its strange illusionary abilities as well as its wonderful taste, this common fish often living in shoals of tens of thousands of individuals can be found in most fishing villages or cities in the area. Return to the top


The Jakécha Fish

The Jakécha is a remarkable fish that solely inhabits the north-western area of the Bright Sea. It is silver in colour, thus naming where it lives. Its flesh possesses the ability to heighten and improve the sense of people for a short amount of time. The Cholians depend on this fish for their livelihood. It is traded as a salted packet form called mahra, which can last for up to two years before deteriorating. Return to the top


Somewhat eerie looking and more than slightly dangerous, the Jun'era Fish found on the eastern coast of Sarvonia is quite unique. This midsized fish is very common and is one of the least unusual foods in a poor sailor's diet. Though tough to catch with bait and tackle, these rewarding fish are, as well as their eggs, well known for their easy workability, cheap cost, and good taste. Return to the top

Flying, mostly inedible poisonous fish species existing only in the inland waters of the Ancythrian Sea. The Khendochar is by far the biggest of all fish (up to 1.5 peds) which can be summarized under the term "flying fishes" of which most kinds can be found at the Ancythrian Sea. Return to the top

The Kuk'arg Fish

The Kuk'arg is a migratory fish that lives in the oceans of Northern Sarvonia. It migrates up rivers in the late summer to spawn and returns to the sea before the rivers freeze. Young Salmon live in the river for one year then migrate to the ocean. The average size of a migrating fish is 2- 3 fores and an average weight of 25-30 od. Large specimens can reach 1 1/3 ped, or 4 fores with weights over 40 od. Return to the top


The Lysh Pike (pl. Lyshae) is a large, voracious fresh-water fish found in most rivers and lakes on the Sarvonian continent. It is not known to be located elsewhere on Caelereth. There are three main varieties known - the Garpike, or Northern Lysh, the Southern Lysh, and the Red Lysh (or Swamp Lysh). Return to the top


The Malkut, more commonly called the "King of Fish", the "King Fish", "Put'ine", "Chó'yph'masýr" or, more colloquially (especially amongst fishermen) the "King". Endemic the coasts of Sanguia, eastern Manthria and Brendolan, the Malkut (which will be hence forth referred to as the "King Fish") is massive, and many are the grizzled fishermen boasting about their scars gained from fighting with these fish.
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The Mithanjor is a small, prolific silver fish found in ponds and lakes throughout Southern Sarvonia. It is most commonly found in the mountainous cavern pools of Een Puvtyr, supplying the Thrumgolz dwarven clan with food, but also inhabits the Aerelian Lakes, the
Ancythrian Sea, and the Silvermarshes. Its name comes from the Thergerim Taal, or dwarven tongue, "mith" (mith) being "metal" or "metallic", and "anjor" (anjor) meaning simply "fish". Return to the top

The Mithralfish

The Common Mithralfish is a small, silvery fish common to the mithanjor. It’s typically mithral-coloured on the sides with small olive-blotches on its sides. It has large eyes and a rounded snout. Mithralfish feast upon insects, spiders, worms, and seaweed in rivers, lakes, and marches in mid Santharia to southern North Sarvonia.
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Praised for both size and taste, the Mogo is a well known fish that can be found on the menu of many people along the Nybelmarian coasts. It's delicate, bluish flesh is used in a large number of ways, not the least of which is the sim-sim stew of Shar, and as dried rations for troops and sailors alike.
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The Moon Shark, or "Phantom Shark", as they are sometimes called, is one of the most numerous predators in the Scattersand Shoals. They inhabit the warm, shallow waters near the shores of the islands by day, and disappear when night falls, much like the ghostly apparitions for which they are named. The pure, white beauty and relatively small size of the animal belies it's natural inclination for bloodlust, so one should take care not to be fooled. The Moon Shark is a very capable and deadly predator, with both intelligence, speed, and, if required, number on their side.
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The Nirakaa (literally "lightning" in the Tarshiinite tongue) is a remarkable fish which inhabits the oceans of Nybelmar’s Western Bay. Travelling in schools of hundreds and glowing a soft, inviting blue, the Nirakaa Fish, which is rarely larger than a human thumb, is perhaps the most unlikely predator in all the western seas. Utilising a remarkable ability that allows them to emit a shocking pulse with an effect reminsicent of lightning (though on much smaller scale), the groups of Nirakaa wait to be consumed by would-be predators, before knocking them unconscious and devouring the stunned creature from the inside out. Return to the top

The Nyjae is a food fish living in the oceans around the continent of Nybelmar, the Crimson Isles and Isles of R'unor. The Nyjae, although in the Barsa family, is probably the most different than the others of this family, having a more rounded forehead and being thicker in general. The Nyjae is a good tasting fish and is a staple for many a citizen of Nybelmar. It is a light orange meat, although somewhat oily, with a slight citrus taste to it. Return to the top

The Pinnip Seal

The Pinnip is an attractive Northern marine, seal-like mammal that is found throughout the northern oceans of Caelereth. They are fairly widespread, normally ranging as far south as Nyermersys and north as far as the Ice Sea, where they are the most prevalent. In winter months they may be seen as far south as Thyslan and Veltin.
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The Scattersand Butterfly Ray is a common inhabitant of the waters found in the inner seas of the Scattersand Shoals. Its appearance, although being mostly like that of a ray, differs from these in that this specimen possesses a carapace like growth on its back, which to observers appears to be butterfly shaped.
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One would certainly be surprised to see a spinning dart making its way through the waters of the Ancythrian Sea, but this is nothing short of the Ancythrian Spinneedler. It measures between one or two palmspans in length, and has a sharp needle-like head that it uses to stun and kill prey. With the innate ability to spin constantly while swimming, it is quite the sight to see. Spinneedlers, known by some simply as 'Needlers', are the smallest predators of the Ancythrian Sea, and are not overly threatening as their numbers are smaller than most other fish.
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In late spring around the Eight Winds Bay, when the wind blows from the great maelstrom that boils perpetually at the bay’s centre, inhabitants of the outlying islands and the shore are witness to an eerie spectacle – clouds of glittering creatures, a little like spiny worms or strange airborne fishes, drift on the wind like lotann seedheads. The strange, insect-like appearance of these “Stromflies” has long made them a mystery, and it has only recently been confirmed that these are fish, which will grow into large, considerably less helpless ruffed eels.Return to the top


The Sunset Fish, named for its beautiful red, purple, indigo, and blue coloration, lives in rivers in streams in Mid-Sarvonia, including the Luquador and Rayne River. It eats insects and some algae, and is eaten itself by carnivores like bears and wild cats, but also by ogres, trolls, orcs, and humans. Return to the top

The Whale

Whales, also known as the "First-Singers" or "Carteloreen", are large, warm-blooded, gregarious creatures that have chosen to live completely in and underwater, although they are air-breathers. They are variously regarded as semi-sentient beings, the bards of the ocean, and valuable sources of oils and fats. Friends to the merfolk, capable of complex and eerie melodies, and harvested by the Avennorians, these great beasts are still shrouded in mystery to many people. Return to the top

The Yellowtail is an ocean fish and belongs to the Barsa family. Like each member of this family, it lives in the same kind of environment, has basically the same diet and is a good food. It differs, as the others do, by body coloring, fin structure and habitat range. Return to the top

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