Golden Rain is the best sort of grain you can find in Sorren. It is expensive to grow, but the loafs you can bake with it are of an extreme good quality, so itís especially popular with the upper classes in Santharian society.

Appearance. Golden Rain grants its name from its seeds, which look like golden raindrops when harvested. The plant has one yellow/white stem of 1.5 ped height with the seeds at the top of it. The plant has short roots, and can easily be pulled out of the ground. In spring, before the seeds start to grow, Golden Rain wears a coral blue flower, used to reproduce itself. Return to the top

Territory. Golden Rain needs loads of water, therefore it can only be found in wet regions, or in areas with irrigation. Also, very fertile ground and much warmth are required. There are not many places that meet all these requirements, so the Golden Rain is not the most commonly found grain. Also, the necessity of such requirements make it so expensive to grow.
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Usages. As is not very unusual for a grain, it is mostly used to bake breads with. Breads made of Golden Rain will always have a very shiny gold color, which makes them distinctive and easy to recognize. Golden Rain is also the grain most often used to make cakes, pies and other delicate stuff for the upper classes from.
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Reproduction. In spring, Golden Rain will reproduce itself. To do this, each plant grows a blue flower. These flowers release a fine powder, which is blown away by the wind, until it's received by another flower. As soon as a flower has received the powder, it will start to transform into a crop.
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