Unlike many fruits, the Guiro grows on a vine that extends underground. It is here that Guiro grows and ripens. This is a commonly eaten fruit of the Kanapan and has found its way into many of the local dishes.

Appearance. The guiro is a large oval shaped fruit. It has a length of up to 1 ped and a width of half a ped. The outside is composed of a dark puple toughened skin. The skin is colored with lighter purple dots speckling the whole of the fruit. The inside is a medium green that is juicy and crisp. There are small, yellow round seeds throughout the whole of the green inside.
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Territory. Native to the Kanapan Peninsula, it has none the less found its way to other areas through trade by the Stormcloaks. It is still considered an exotic fruit in most locations due to its finicky soil requirements. These requirements not only being a high fertility in the soil, but also a high phosphorus content in the ground as well.
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Usages. The Guiro Fruit is a very versatile fruit. The inside is relished as a sweet, juicy treat that is often eaten either between courses at banquets to cleanse the diner's palette, or after meals in a concotion to bring out its sweetness. The juice is even squezzed out of the pulp for drinking or for use in flavoring other dishes.

The tough skin is often removed from the crisp inside and boiled. After being boiled it has a meaty consistency to it that is often used with other flavorings as a main course. This is also an important fruit, as this skin is protien rich and is often used in conjunction with several beans to give the Kanapans their necessary protien, as they lack large animals in their area.
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