Rolling Hedgehogs are a rather spiky little creature found trough most of Caelereth. It is the smallest known Hedgehog species, and is known as a cowardly little creature that prefers to “roll” into a small ball with all the spikes pointing outwards instead of fighting.

Appearance. The Rolling Hedgehog’s body is like a spike-covered cylinder with a triangular head (not spiny) and four legs. An adult Rolling Hedgehog can reach about 20-35 nailsbreadths from snout to tail. The spikes cover the back and sides of the body, but leave the stomach unprotected. The spikes are usually brown or black. The entire body of the Rolling Hedgehog is covered in a light brown flea ridden fur. The Rolling Hedgehog got four furry legs, and five-toed paws with small, curved brown-or-black claws, mostly used for digging.

The face is pyramidal, with a jutting, three-cornered snout. The mouth nearly splits that mouth in half, with two black eyes balancing just over the mouth's corners. The mouth is filled with small, yellow teeth. There’s cutting teeth, piercing fangs, and some for grinding the mouth-full. There are usually some pieces of rotting meat and plants stuck between the teeth.

On the end of the snout you’ll find a small, square black nose. This is in constant motion, gathering necessary information for the Hog. This is also the beasts sensitive point; so when you’re handling one of these, make sure to avoid touching this area.
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Special Abilities. The Rolling Hedgehog can make itself a spiky ball in self-defense, climb trees and survive harsh climates, as it is found in nearly entire Caelereth. To touch a spike is like touching a needle. Press to hard, and it will draw blood. That has kept Rolling Hedgehogs alive through many dangerous situations. Return to the top

Territory. The Rolling Hedgehog can be found nearly anywhere on Caelereth. They live in great masses around the Thaehelvil River, which seems like a little paradise for the Rolling Hedgehogs. They also prefer the Isles of R’unor, the northern part of the Bay of Wealth, the bay close to Lanssar and the Falloenon Allfaenath in northwestern Nybelmar.

Generally, Rolling Hedgehogs prefer to live close to water and food, so if you are looking for one, look around rivers, lakes and marchlands – the wetter, the better.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Any Rolling Hedgehog is a rather calm and quiet little creature, and won’t attack unless provoked, and then most likely roll into a ball. They are not pack animals, living in solitude for their entire life, unless when mating, and then only for a brief hour. Hedgehogs are not very territorial, and will generally move around a lot, even tough it is possible to see the same Hedgehog in the same area for a couple of years. But that rarely happen unless there’s a large food source nearby.

If you find a Rolling Hedgehog, it’s usually hunting. If its not, its in a sheltered lair (cave, bush, anything providing cover within reach).

Hedgehogs aren’t very bright. They might go into the same trap each day in their life, and won’t learn a thing. They are easily fooled, and as mentioned, easily trapped.
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Diet. Rolling Hedgehogs are omnivores, and might eat insects, carcasses, other Hedgehogs and plants. They usually prefer snails, which don’t fight back. Rolling Hedgehoges also like farmers, who give them milk during holy days and feasts, and they might as well toss any snails they find into a bucket. Such a bucket may be emptied by the first Hedgehog found, which will quickly make a bloody carnage of the insects. Peasants believe the Hedgehogs will then stay and keep vermin away from their crops. Other creatures of choice are orms, makos and, well, anything else they might find edible.
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Mating. All Hedgehogs mate in the late autumn, when the males find the females, and reproduce without any fuss. The females will stay around water in hope that a male will find her. It is strange, however, that a creature with such a spiky back reproduces the "ordinary" way, as it is obvious that the male is hurt during the process. To their luck, the males got a thick layer of though skin at their underside, so it might not be much worse than a few painful stings.

The females give birth to about 8-16 blind little Hedgehogs. After a few days they can see, and after a few weeks, their soft spikes turn hard. About half the newborn Hedgehogs survive their first year.
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Myth/Lore. A lot of farmers put out a bowl of milk, just outside their door at holidays. They believe that the milk will persuade the Hedgehog to stay, and keep vermin away. If this helps, nobody knows. It is also common to drop snails and similar things in front of a Rolling Hedgehog, "bribing" it to stay.
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