The Horsefay is a very rare winged creature not even half a ped in height. This tiny horse-like beast is very rare, but has been found within the Quallian and Auturian Forests. It has been tamed by the elves of these forests and sought out by the Brownies, but rarely have any other races even seen a Horsefay.

Appearance. This small creature appears to be like a miniature horse, but with added wings coming off its shoulders. It stands at about .1 peds high from its back down. From head to ground it is aprrox. .13 peds. The length of its body is around .12-.125 peds from neck to rear. Its wingspan is .30-.305 peds from wing-tip to wing-tip. The Horsefay's wings come off from the top of its fore legs (where the shoulders are) and extend outward when flying. When in a relaxed position, the wings are folded back along its sides. The wings are feathered with feathers matching the color of its coat, in some cases they match the tail and mane alone (this appears in the palomino colored breeds etc.) Return to the top

Special Abilities. Horsefay can fly up to around 30 peds above the ground. In windy conditions, Horsefay tend to stay very near the ground, as they can be blown about quite easily.

It is yet to be discovered if they have any magical abilities other than flying, but as of yet no one has seen anything extra-ordinary.
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Territory. These small flying horses can be found so far only in temperate areas. In most cases they are found near forest glades, or meadows. It is yet unknown where horsefay originated from. On the rare occasions that they have been spotted it has been deep within the Quallian Forest, in the Auturian Woods, and once in the Vale of Brownies.

It is rumoured that on the occasion they were spotted in the Vale of Brownies, it was an attraction to a very powerful spell being performed at the time, but nothing has come of this myth and indeed nothing has been found to prove this theory.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Horsefay tend to be found in mating pairs although they can also be found in families. If a female should happen to have more than one colt, when the colts are of age (usually between 2 and 2.5 years), they will live together until the finding of mates.

Horsefay can only be tamed by a chosen few. The elves have the most luck in taming these creatures; it is said this is because of their closeness to nature. Few Brownies have ever been able to tame a horsefay and use it for transport purposes, but they are much sought after by this race.
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Diet. Horsefay live off greenbark moss, along with the common lythien grass when naught else is to be found. A favoured treat for the horsefay is the vinterberry, used most commonly by Santharians for wine.

Some worry about Horsefay dropping small presents down upon their heads, but this is only superstition. It has been found that Horsefay land upon the ground before secreting their rather messy feces and liquids.
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Mating. In mating, the female will seek out a male partner, chosing the most-likely to be able to provide for and take care of a family. The males tend to be the same in size and strength to the females so the female will try to find a male that matches her in abilities.
Males will stay with their parents or a sibling until sought out by a female. Females tend to break from their families after 2 or 2.5 years and live solitary lives until they are of bearing age, which tends to be anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

When the female is ready to mate, she will seek out a male partner, usually finding him through the scent of his minute but pungent amount of urine. The scent is only pungent to the delicate nostril organ of the horsefay and cannot be detected by many other races or animals.

When the female finds a male suitable to her liking, she will immediately let him know, with a unique noise made through her nose. (In taming these creatures, the Brownies have learned to immitate this sound and capture unsuspecting males.) After the male recognizes the female's call, he will begin a dance through the air around the female, much like that of the white spiraling butterfly. (Some scientists are trying to find a connection between the two, but nothing concrete has been found to relate the two creatures.) Instead of dropping from the air like the spiraling butterflies, the female will soar straight up into the air and the male will be forced to chase her. This chase can last up to half a day, but is used to test the male's endurance and abilities. When the female gives in, the male will mount her from behind while still in the air and the pair will remain locked for several hours until the male has left his seed within her.

After a pair has mated, they will remain together for life. If one partner dies the other will not usually find another mate. A female's gestation period lasts up to 18 months, this is rather long for such a small creature, but their lifespan can last to over 150 years. The female will be fertile for the first 50 years of her life, then she will become barren much like humans and various other creatures. 
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