The horse is found throughout all parts of the world of Caelereth. It is thought that horses were one of the first domesticated animals. They are most definitely one of the most useful of animals. The horse is used for, transportation, load bearing, and even has martial uses. There are many species of horse found throughout the world, and they have varying characteristics.

A Helvet'ine Lancer

View picture in full size Image description. A Helvet'ine Kuglim lancer patrolling his territory on his heavily armoured Kev'lor war horse. Picture drawn by Eratinalinfalah.

Appearance. While different breeds may be of varying sizes and coloring, there are some general statements that can be made about them. On the whole this animal ranges from 14 to 18 hands in height. The body is usually 2 peds in length and well muscled, weighing anywhere from 11 to 14 pygges. They have an arching neck capped by a wedge shaped head and a rounded nose. They are covered in hair, with longer strands or hair on their neck, tail, and sometimes at their forelocks. Coloring tends to take on earth tones with black and whites standing out. Although it is said that some Ximaxian mages have changed their mount’s coloring to best suit their clothing for the day. However, the aforementioned colors or combinations of these colors are most commonly found. Return to the top

Special Abilities. These intelligent animals are found in many different positions and doing quite a few separate activities. Horses are most often broken down into two seperate categories, work and transportation. There is a third category as well that at times merges the breed of horse from both categories. This is the military category. Work horses are used most often to pull loads. They are used in mining operations, in mills to provide pulling power to grind wheat, and in merchant trains. Transportation horses cover a wide range, from the speed demons that kingdom couriers ride, to the stolid mares that noblewomen use. The military uses many different types of horses, as is needed. The most common is the Destrider, or war horse. This type of horse is very expensive as it is trained from birth to heed commands from the knees and to kick or bite on command in battle.
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Territory. Horses are found on every continent and nearly every type of terrain. Different breeds are more acclimated to different climates and areas of course, so while horses as a whole can be found throughout Caelereth, not every breed can be acclimated to every climate. Return to the top

Habitat/Behaviour. While many horses have been domesticated, there are some that still run free. Though this is most often found in less settled areas. Generally horses are found in herds. The herd consists of a stallion that is in charge, mares, and perhaps some younger males. To get the best trained horse it is best to get them used to bridle, saddle, and halter from the time they are a colt. This will better acclimate them to being handled and they will have less resistance to their assigned job if they are accustomed to it. Return to the top

Sor'inyt Women

Diet. Horses are herbivores. They eat grass, leafy plants, and fruit. The exact nature of their diet varies according to their climate. In the desert they might subside on small water rich plants, while in the plains they would eat long grasses. There are rumors that the dark elves horses eat flesh. Whether this rumor is something told to frighten others, or they actually raise their horses to do so is not known. Return to the top

Mating. There are two types of mating, pasture mating and closed mating. In pasture mating, when the mares come into heat, the lead stallion will sense this and attempt to mate with the mare. One stallion can service up to a herd of 40 females. This can be quite hazardous to his health, as the mares will try to resist and will kick at him. The threat of injury causes horse breeders to use a different approach. To minimize the risk to the stallion, when the mare is in heat she is but into a small rectangular corral where she is not able to kick. The back is low enough to allow the stallion to mate, but not low enough for her to kick. Return to the top

Origin. The exact origin of horses is not known, though they are thought to have originated near the Thaelon Forest and from there spread out, either due to land bridges to other continents, or else being taken to other areas by man.
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Following is a list of all kinds of horses known in the lands of Caelereth:

The Azhorhrian Desert Horse is a small, sturdy animal, unique among horses in its unusual adaptations for life in a hot, dry climate. It is only found on the continent of Aeruillin, mostly among the five tribes of Azhorhria. The Azhorhrians prize their horses highly, and the trustworthy report available to this researcher does suggest that the animals are indeed extremely fast and agile. Return to the top

The Centoraurian Horse

The Centoraurian Horse, also called "Grothar's Child", is a lovely animal, with the delicate build and graceful beauty of a deer. Originally found only among the Centoraurian peoples, it is widely thought to be among the most beautiful of the horses of Caelereth. This horse is espeically noted for its extraordinary speed and beauty. Originally the Centoraurian Horse was only found in the lands controlled by the Centoraurian Kingdom, from Milkengrad, in the province of Vardýnn, in the north to Magic Sickle Point, in the province of Xaramon, in the south. However, it may now be found in many areas of the continent, being very popular with those wealthy individuals who can afford the extremely high prices charged for a purebred riding horse. Return to the top

The Sarvonian Carriage Horse (also known informally as the "Wain Horse" or "Wagonhorse") is one of the newer breeds of horses, developed as a light draught animal for pulling private conveyances. Big and sturdy, they are nevertheless not as heavy or expensive to feed as the Sarvonian Heavy Horse, which makes them more affordable as a carriage animal. Return to the top

The Jerrahn Crested Horse, named for the Jerrah borderlands, is one of the most widespread domesticated animals in the Korweyn empire. An outsider would have to part with an ungodly amount of cash to acquire one of these horses, as they are greatly cherished by the Kassites, who see these as an irreplaceable part of their domestic and military success, a claim not unfounded in fact.
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The harsh climate of the Heaths of Wilderon, through natural selection and adaption, has given us the pony we know today with its special protective winter coat and flowing thick mane and tail. The accompanying scarcity of good grazing has given the pony an efficient conversion rate for food and ample milk yield. These adaptions to the environment have ensured its survival. Return to the top

The Kev'lor Horse

The Kev’lor is one of the largest of the known horse breeds throughout all of Caelereth. It has been developed through years of breeding, and is used as the warhorse of the Kuglimz tribes in Northern Sarvonia. These are warhorse of the first order, not only due to their size but their training as well. While it must be said that they do not have the best endurance they more than make up for it in their sheer power and size. They are trained to kick and bite on command. This comes in very handy in battle, and is another reason why they are prized.
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The Koroch Fey Mologh

The Kor’och fey Mologh, or the "Mount of Kor’och" (or simply "Mologh"), is the youngest of all the horse breeds, having only been in existence for the last 300 years. They are all descendants of the progenitor stallion, named Forsaken Blade. It is uncertain which exact breeds were used to breed Forsaken Blade, however, it is generally assumed that the Centoraurian Horse was used, probably the Rusik and the Tirpan, as well as possibly the Sarvonian Draught Pony, also known as the Hobbithorse. Indeed, the Kor’och fey Mologh seems to have many characteristics of each of these breeds. Return to the top

This hoofed herbivore has developed into an elegant animal over hundreds of generations of selective breeding. It is a sleek beautiful animal that derives it name from the Steppe of its origin. The Rusik have no special abilities but it must be noted here that it is an easily trained intelligent animal with good stamina, agility and speed. Also, what may be more a peculiarity than ability, this animal produces more male offspring than female: a ratio of almost four to one.
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The Sarvonian Draught Pony

The Sarvonian Draught Pony is a small sturdily built animal that the hobbits use as an all-purpose workhorse. It is most common in the Shires throughout Sarvonia, but is also increasing in popularity with less wealthy human farmers who can’t afford to buy or keep one of the big draught animals. Humans often call it the “Hobbithorse” or the “Poor Man’s Draught”. Return to the top

The Sarvonian Heavy Horse is one of the larger horses of Caelereth, nearly approaching the immense Kuglimz war horse, the Kev'lor, in height and overall body mass. There are two main varieties, the Northern and the Southern Draught Horses. Draught Horses - as the name already implies - are used mainly in the agriculture for ploughing and dragging carts and heavy objects. Return to the top

The Tirpan Horse

The Tirpan (
“TEAR-pan”) can be called the "true wild horse” of Sarvonia. Characteristic for the Tirpan is its small sturdy, primitive built with short backs, thick necks and stromg muscles. They are mostly found in the northern Tandala Highlands and the mountains of Oro, in small herds of 15 or less, and are hunted by the Losh-Oc Orcs. Their smoked meat, called ‘Fyrflejs’ (“FEAR-Flice”) is eaten by the Losh-Oc warriors as field rations. Domestication is difficult and rare, only Ash-mari or Kuglimz are known to manage this feat. Return to the top

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