The Eophyrhim Hunting Hound is the domesticated wolf-assistant to the dark elves of the Paelelon. High-strung and yet very trainable, these dogs are sought out by nobles all over Santharia. These animals are like the people that breed them, a bony, slender form with thin, strong muscles. The breeding and selling of these animals is a large part of Eophyrhim society due to the fact that nobles will pay a hefty sum for them. The Eophyrhim drow try to separate the pups and mother at latest a year and the drow look down upon inbreeding. They keep extensive tables of which dog was mated to whom and monitored at all times.

The Eophyrhim Hunting Hound

View picture in full size Image description: Illustration of the Eophyrhim Hunting Hound. Picture drawn by Faugar.

Appearance. The Hound looks similar to the people that domesticated it; a bony and slender form with thin, strong muscles. It has a smooth coat of fur that varies in color; from spotted to solid, from black, to browns of all tones, to white. Ears are floppy, slightly longer fur on the ears, as well as the tail. The Hound has a small head with beady black eyes, and a long tapered snout full of carnivorous teeth. One of the most notable things of the Eophyrhim Hound is the arched regal spine, and long thin legs. They stand a full ped at the shoulder, a ped and a half from nose to tail.

The Eophyrhim Hunting Hound is related to the wolves found all over Santharia, though it looks different due to domestication. It is more intelligent than wolves, capable of working alone, and its muscle and bone structure is thinner than at wolves.

The Hound is admired by many, yet owned by few beyond the Paelelon. Kings and nobles pay a pretty penny for these beasts, as long as lineage is proven.
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Special Abilities. A single Paelelon Hunting Hound is capable of pulling down a deer, it has been selectively bred to work in this manner. Most Eophyrhim hunters own a pair of Hounds, to ensure a catch. These Hounds are quick and instinctive, and have high stamina. However, for their large, thin build and talent for speed, they are not strong. They rely on momentum and gravity immensely. If actually pitted against a wolf, they would be killed in a matter of minutes.
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Territory. Other than those Hounds owned by nobles, Eophyrhim hounds are only found in the Paelelon. The area is rather warm, so their slick, slightly shaggy coat keeps them warm at night and cool in the day. Their long-furred tail and ears are prone to getting tangled, but the Eophyrhim are meticulous in keeping their Hounds clean.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Eophyrhim Hound loves company, be it its owner or another Hound. They are high strung, when not working they are prone to running amok, barking wildly and playing with anything they can. When working, they are silent and calm, stalking prey through the brush with a keen eye. The Hound seems to almost have a split personality.

The Eophyrhim Hound is a high maintenance animal; high strung and eager for mental stimulation. The Hound not only hunts, but is eager and easy to train. They can be taught to do a variety of tricks.
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Diet. These Hounds are a carnivore, they eat only meat. They are hunters first and foremost, and prefer to kill and eat their own food. But if they have been properly trained, they will relinquish their catch at a single command. This assists a drow greatly in retrieving a kill after a long day. On special occasions Hounds will be fed wine and grains.
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Mating. Breeding is closely monitored, but pups that are not claimed by the first year of life are given away or sold as soon as possible.

The female Hound will enter into heat in early spring. The male will smell her out and come to her. Mating takes place in a span of minutes. Gestation lasts 4 months, with a litter of 3-7 pups, most looking similar to the mother or father. The mother will suckle the pups for 6 weeks, the father watching over both mother and pups during this time. Once the pups reach 8 weeks, they are able to leave their mother.
The Eophyrhim drow try to seperate the pups and mother at latest a year, and the drow look down upon inbreeding. They keep extensive tables of which dog was mated to whom.
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