Appearance. The Ice Dragon or Evathón'Dalá (Styrásh Evathón Dalá) is approximately 20 peds in height from base of their body to the tip of its head. Wing span is equaling its body length and the tail varying from the same to double that of the body. Definitely a huge dragon.

The Ice Dragon's defined scales only appear around the head and neck area of the dragon, the remaining body is finely laced with small scales. The eyes are like ice, as is the natural colour of the dragon's scales. Although there is a particular mirror pearl to the scales which reflect the colours around it.

The dragon's general color is naturally a light almost pale blue in colour blending in with ice and snow. When necessary the dragon can excrete a light film over its body which reflects the colours around it causing it to blend in even more with its environment. Return to the top

The Ice Dragon
View picture in full size Image description: The Ice Dragon, also called Evathón'Dalá. Picture drawn by Faugar.

Special Abilities. Living in the colder areas of Caelereth, the Ice Dragon is able to withstand extreme colds. It also has the ability to fly to great heights, often using the clouds and its skin to reflect the colours of the cloud and pass by the main lands un-noticed by the life below. These dragons also have the ability to swim in water for a limited amount of time. Return to the top

Territory. Ice Dragons travel around all of Caelereth and build their nests wherever it is extremely cold. They especially can be encountered at the Icelands of Aeh'Os'th'er'oc at the northwestern Sarvonian continent as well as at the Icelands of Cyhalloi. Return to the top

Habitat/Behaviour. Ice Dragons are generally seen in mating pairs, however solo is more often than not seeking out a mate. They are somewhat passive dragons, very wise and caring towards other races. They often take on an elf sometimes a human as a familiar or pet for them. It isn't uncommon for an Ice Dragon to have a family of elves in their care. The reasons for their taking on small family of elves is unknown, it is thought that it is because they are in touch with the nurturing side, and give the dragon something to play with and care for.

Ice Dragons are caring and adoring of their familiars, and take good care of them, using mind speech to communicate with them. The familiar is often rather gifted with animals and has a particular charm about them. Familiars are often chosen at a youthful stage where they then make their way towards the Ice Dragon.

Both the familiar and the Ice Dragon then fly away with the familiar being held in the talons of the Ice Dragon. The familiars are only able to ride the dragon once they are more comfortable with each other. Return to the top

Diet. Ice Dragons eat a lot of fish and drink excessive amounts of water. These dragons only eat once every other month, however when they eat it is more like a feast, diving down into the water and collecting mouthfuls of food at a time. Return to the top

Mating. When a male and a female find each other during their travels, and the female is ready to mate, the two fly as high as they can into the sky. If the male can outfly the female they will then do an elaborate dance intertwining their wings and talons occasionally until they eventually come close to the ground where they glide down.

Once on the ground the female will whip her tail around from side to side, eventually the male will work his way close enough and then mount her. The two stay together as a mating couple for weeks at a time. The male Ice Dragon stays with the female until he knows that she is pregnant with his child and will then leave her be.

If the male doesn't succeed in outflying the female she simply flies off. If the female fails to fall pregnant to the male even after repeatedly mating they will leave the female after approximately a month. Starting their search again for another female dragon.

It is believed that dragons once past their fertile years are the ones who take on the elven familiars. However this is more rumor than fact. Return to the top

Researchers. People have tried to research the history of the Ice Dragon, however have come up with nothing of any value. While they were a part of the Dragonstorm, however there is no official records of them before, during or after that date. Well, they simply exist.

Children of the familiar to the dragon have said that they are somewhat passive and protective of their elven children, however there is no bonding between their familiar's children and the Ice Dragon. While the familiar's children are free to go and do as they please, the familiar itself for unknown reasons stays with the Ice Dragon until either or both die. Return to the top

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