The Injèrá'yráná (Sunrose)

 The Injèrá'Yráná
Picture description: The Injèrá'yrána, also called the Sunrose. Image provided by Thuja.

The Injèrá'yráná, or Sunrose, is a bright yellow rose that is prized by the many elven tribes of Sorren. It is believed to be the first domesticated rose and is seldom found outside of elven gardens.

Appearance. This rose usually grows to a ped in height with a strong central base. From this base sprout many stems forming a kind of bowl shape. These stems will usually have four to five leaf stalks with three or five leaflets. These leaflets are paired on either side of the stalk with the odd one at the end. They are a medium green in color that is smooth with a central vein down the middle. Each stem will also have usually three flower stems that are two hand spans in length. These stalks will end in one bloom with around thirty petals that are a bright yellow with an orange tint. These petals are tear-shaped with long inner ones forming a regular central cone. The outer petals fold back on themselves at their tips. A finger length under the flower are two large leaves on either side of the stalk. It has a strong scent that has a kind of fruity quality to it. If the flowers are not cut they will develop into thumb sized round dark purple or black hips. The roots have three or four main arms branching out to cover a one ped circular area. There are hundreds of small hair-like roots branching off of these.

Territory. The Injèrá'yránía, as its name implies, need lots of sun and a wide-open area around them. They also like a good fertile soil that is loose and well ventilated. That is why these roses perform so well in gardens. All of these gardens are found in elven areas south of the Dragon's Maw and the Tandala Highlands. Although, there have been sightings of these roses in the Elverground. The Injèrá'yránía will start blooming in mid spring and continue until mid autumn depending on how often they are pruned. New Injèrá'yránía are produced by cuttings that are planted and nurtured into an adult.

Usages. Since the blooms of the Injèrá'yránía have a strong scent and can be cut often through out the summer with new ones growing again, it has become a popular flower for decorations. Most elven settlements have them set in many rooms in most of their buildings. It is also popular to give as a gift to a loved one.

Myth/Lore. It is said, when Avá smiled in her sleep the sun sprang forth and the first plant to grow was the Injèrá'yráná. It reached to the sky and produced flowers the color of the sun to honor this miracle and to give thanks. Many elves believe it is a reminder of Avá's gift to them.

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