The Kardión Hound is one of the canine animals of Caelereth. They are mainly found in the Lands of the Kanapa in Northern Sarvonia. They are domesticated and are kept usually by humans. The word Kardión (Kardión) is the Styrásh word for "arrow", which is also a very fitting description of the Kardión Hound because they are incredibly fast, speedy like arrows. Kardións are very active dogs and enjoy many activities, often running around in open fields and also enjoying to swim.

Appearance. The Kardión Hound is a smaller dog compared to other domesticated canines of Caelereth. They stand roughly 2 fores off the ground and are usually a bit less than 1 ped from head to tail. Kardións are not very big and only weigh from 3-4 hebs. Their fur is short and rough, it is grayish mainly but can range from white to black on the same individual dog. Their fur is darker on its body and goes to a white or brown colour near the dog's feet. The Kardión's face tends to be a darker colour, usually black but its snout is more of a grayish colour.

The females are slightly smaller standing only at 1.5 fores off of the ground and are 2.5 fores from head to tail. The females' fur is lighter than the males' but generally holds the same pattern by being darker on the main torso of the dog. The heads of the females are not black like the males but gray like the rest of the body. The females also weigh less, usually between 2.5-3.5 hebs.

The Kardión Hound's ears are always pointed upwards. They are usually around 1 palmspan in length and are black like the Hound's face. Its tail is grayish like the rest of the dogs body usually around 1 fore long. The Kardión Hound has very muscular legs giving it tremendous speed. Its paws have 5 claws, there are 4 main claws and one is off to the side of the paw, it is basically useless but is quite handy with getting caught on things.

The Kardión Hounds also have small pointed teeth that are used to crunch their food.
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Special Abilities. The Kardión Hound is extremely fast and agile, if trained it can be a fantastic hunting dog but is also very useful for scouting. Like all other dogs or wolves the Kardión Hound has exceptional hearing, even better than that of the elves and much better than the hearing of humans. Also Kardións' ears are very sensitive, some of these hounds can go deaf if someone yells into their ear as was found out recently.

Its strong sense of smell makes the Kardión Hound very useful with tracking many people: criminals, lost or kidnapped people, as long as you have an article of clothing with the person's scent the Kardión Hound should be able to track him or her down.

Apart from having great hearing and speed the Kardión Hound has above average smell as well. Remember that these mentioned abilities of speed, smell and hearing are all compared to the "average" abilities of humans.
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Territory. The Kardión Hounds are found mainly in the Lands of the Kanapan in Northern Sarvonia. They used to be wild before humans domesticated the animal and made them very well behaved animals. The Hounds’ owner(s) do not use the Kardión Hounds for hunting often, though they have been originally trained for that activity. Kardións today serve mainly as companions for humans as the Lands of the Kanapan are not as vastly populated as many other areas of Sarvonia.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Kardión Hounds are very active dogs, enjoying running around wildly on their own but love nothing more than being with their masters. These hounds cannot bare to be left alone, they would most likely die of loneliness if they were ever abandoned. Kardións are also very loyal to their owners and will remain with their master until one of them dies. If the master dies first the hound will remain beside its master until either it dies or the master is buried.

Kardións  learn very quickly and are considered to be one of the smartest animals in all of Caelereth. They love to learn new things, a very common ability that these dogs learn to do is improving their hunting skills.
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Diet. The Kardión Hounds are generaly carnivores, usually they are rewarded with meat from their catch during a day of hunting with their master. But they also eat hard foods such as: bread (usually burnt), grains etc. They require very little to eat because they are quite small, so this makes feeding them very cheap for their master. They will often receive very good food because of their little needs.
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Mating. The mating of the Kardión Hounds is controlled by its master. Usually there are breeders that have both a male and female that breed and sell the pups roughly 1-2 months after birth to avoid the mother being too attached to the pups.

The male and female mate during mid-spring, The developement of the pups takes around 4-5 months giving birth to between 5-7 pups. Pups are born with little fur and are blind. They are extremely small and are taken care of extremely well by both the mother and father for roughly 8 weeks. By this time the small dogs are strong enough to take care of themselves. At this time the pups are usally sold, the master keeping both a male and female of every 2 or 3 litters depending on the health of his current hounds.
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Usages. Kardión Hounds represent good average hunting dogs and guard dogs, they are also average at scouting giving these dogs a wide range of uses. The best of the Kardión Hound's uses is that it can provide a great deal of friendship, loyalty and companionship.

Kardións are very good at guarding as well, have a keen hearing and can warn their master of approaching animals or people. 
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