The Kies
View picture in full size Image description: The beautiful sight of the Kies. Picture drawn by Daie.

Appearance. The Kies a brightly pink flowered fruit producing plant: It gets to about one ped in height and is all flowers. The plant grows in a pillar shape filling up the basic circle shape with leaves, flowers and Tras.

The Tra is a ball shaped fruit, which starts of as yellow and then as it ripens becomes a brilliant red colour. A sweet crisp tasting fruit which is fabulous to eat and cook with. Definitely a delicacy when served on the dinner table.
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Territory. Growing only in the forests surrounding the Gulf of Maraya, loving the rich nurturance in the soil. The Kies is also expensive to buy because of its specific location needs.
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Usages. The Tras are the most useful thing about the Kies, as they are full of vitamins. Mothers of young babies of various races often cut the Tra into small pieces and then serve to their children to eat, or if the children are very young mash it up with some milk and feed them the Tra that way. Great for keeping healthy.

The Tra is also excellent for helping the body fight off viruses and general 'bugs' while the Kies itself isn't of any medical usage.

Finally flowers are often cut off from the Kies and put in vases or young maidens twine them into their hair for decoration.
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