THE Lín’már’jóh INSECT


The Lín’már’jóh, Styrásh for "Small Water Creature" (Lín’már’jóh), is an insect that inhabits many streams and rivers in mid Sarvonia including the Luquador and Rayne River. They tend to be brownish or bronze-colored, though their color may change based on the color of their environment. Lín’már’jóh live their whole lives in the water and are a food source for various fish and other insects.

Appearance. The Lín’már’jóh is about 6 to 7.5 nailsbreadths long from the head to the end of the abdomen. Their bodies are typically a deep brown to tawny gold, though in more northern regions they have been found in dark browns and even blacks. Sometimes their color may change to match their surroundings.

Lín’már’jóh have two, small black eyes of either side of their head and two antennas that sprout in front of the eyes, though they are positioned slightly higher on the head. Their six legs all sprout from the long thorax that appears to have three bulges in it, each of which has two hairy legs sticking out of it. Each leg has three joints. The first one, closest to the body, is so small that most don’t see it. It allows the thigh of the insect to be unhindered in movement. The calf of the insect is the hairiest and most believe these hairs are used to catch floating particles in the air. At the end of each leg, the Lín’már’jóh has two small hooks that allow it to attach itself to the rocks and weeds so that is doesn’t float away. At the end of their abdomen they have two tails that may stick out 3 nailsbreadths, or roughly half of the length of the body.
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Special Abilities. The Lín’már’jóh can’t live without water, though gills have not yet been found on its body. It has the talent of adapting to its environment quite well, and for this reason can live in a number of rivers and streams throughout Caelereth. Lín’már’jóh are able to change their colour to match their surroundings. They, however, are not good swimmers, and usually walk along the river floor rather than swim in the waters. Return to the top

Territory. The Lín’már’jóh tend to prefer cooler waters in mid Sarvonia, though they have been found as far south as the Thaehelvil River. They are found in greatest concentration in the Vandrina River, the Rayne River, and the Luquador River, but also in the Quest and Liben Rivers as well.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Lín’már’jóh prefers cold, fresh-water environments, usually in mid Sarvonia. They tend to like the parts of rivers that are most surrounded in plants and trees as much of their diet comes from rotting debris on the bottom of their stream or river, which may contain fallen leaves. They also like streams with plenty of algae and rocks under which to hide from predators. These water creatures are fairly independent creatures, rarely traveling together. If they see another Lín’már’jóh, they will merely pass them by without a care, though this may change during mating season. As far as it is known, these insects don’t seem to sleep, though some researchers believe that they may sleep every few minutes for several hours in a period of inactivity.
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Diet. The Lín’már’jóh will most often eat rotting debris on the bottom of the stream or river in which they live. They’ve also been known to eat some algae that grow on the rocks in their environment.
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Mating. When the weather grows warmer, usually in late winter or early spring, these small water insects will come out of their hiding places. This is a very vulnerable period for the Lín’már’jóh, as many fish and other insects will happily gobble these insects up if given the chance. The Lín’már’jóh identify each other and each other’s sex by touching antenna. If two Lín’már’jóh of the same sex meet, nothing will happen. There is no aggression when mating at all. If a male and female meet, the male will crawl on to her back. They may stay attached anywhere from 2 to 8 minutes. They will then break to look for another mate.

In summer the female will give birth to clusters of eggs. These eggs are so small that they often appear as a brownish cream. The female will often attach her eggs to a rock or algae using her saliva, usually in the shallower areas. Some female Lín’már’jóh are extremely picky as to where their eggs are lain. Most prefer warmer, shallower waters where there is plenty of debris or algae for which the small babies will feed on. After laying the eggs, the mother will leave. In about 2 weeks the eggs will hatch and smaller versions of the adult Lín’már’jóh will crawl out, though the larva may have smaller tails and fatter bodies as compared to their limbs and head. Eggs and larva are extremely vulnerable and are often feasted upon by fish and other insects, including other Lín’már’jóh.

However, in 3 to 4 weeks the larva are considered to be adult and will mate in the coming year. These water insects may live anywhere from 8 months to 2 years, though most are eaten before they even reach the adult stage.
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