The Loriv is a bushy, sun-loving plant, found mainly in southern Sarvonia. The bush wears Loriv berries, though in general bland in taste, are often added to cooking, where they double in size. Loriv berries are also often added to teas, said to help weak hearts.

The Loriv is a small bushy plant, approximately half a ped in height, distinctly black in color. The long strip leaves have a green stripe going from the base of the plant to almost all the way to the end of the leaves. With no flowers this plant isn't very attractive. In contrast to the lack of colour the Loriv produces little colourful berries at the base of the leaves. The colours of these berries are generally anything from yellow to red, often a rainbow combination.

The Loriv is generally staying the same through out the year in warmer climates, however the normally black leaves of the plant turn green as it dies off. Approximate living time of the Loriv is three harvests. Small seeds are found inside the berries.
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The Loriv loves the sun. Growing best in the southern regions of Sarvonia. However it is also seen in the mid regions, although rare. It doesn't call any particular place "home".
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The Loriv berries are fairly bland when on their own, however, when added to dishes when cooking with moisture, they double in size when fresh and take on the flavour of the food that it is being cooked with. Great for cooking on a budget.

Berries can be dried and eaten as a snack or put in with cooking, where they almost double their size. When dried and ground the leaves can be put in a tea for helping with weak hearts, or getting the heart beating faster.
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Reproduction. Asexual reproduction. The plant produces its seed and the seed is then left on the ground. Generally starts to grow after a period of approximately one month. Will reach maturity at seven months. Will last around three harvest cycles. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. The Loriv was first discovered by an old human in the Strata regions, exact location unknown. Near starving to death he thought that he was seeing things when he noticed a scorched looking plant with bright berries attached to it. Crawling over towards the small shrub looking plant he picked off some of the berries and ate them, finding that his energy levels suddenly rose with the quickening of his heart. The man, who's name has been thought to be Lor Iv, named the plant after himself the apparent founder. Return to the top

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