The Lukrinam Snake (plural form is "Lukrinam" as well) is a beast to be reckoned with. It inhabits the jungles surrounding the Krean men in Nybelmar and is known to kill effortlessly. The distinctively coloured snake is famous for its amazing capabilities its fangs provide, such as spraying and injecting its lethal venom. This large snake hunts every animal the jungles has to offer and once you are in its sight you probably wonít get away with your life.

Appearance. The Lukrinam Snake isn't the largest snake around, the smallest being about a ped long and the largest almost two. The snake appears a lot bigger when you see how wide it is, as it is almost one and a half palmspans in width. The Lukrinam also has quite a thick body, the average being 1 palmspan and about 7 nailsbreadths in diameter.

The Lukrinam has very distinctive patterns on its skin. It bears red and black stripes, each about a palmspan wide, which it uses as a kind of warning signal (quite strange considering it wants to eat what would spot it). The Lukrinamís head, being an average of two palmspans long, has two small black beady eyes. Inside the snakeís mouth are two hollow white fangs, each being a palmspan in length. The snake also hides a small forked tongue, which is as dark as the night sky. Return to the top

Special Abilities. The Lukrinam snake, as already mentioned, has some of the most capable fangs in the whole Krean jungle. It uses them for three main reasons: defence, hunting and to secrete a strange fertilising adhesive. The snake uses its fangs for hunting the same way that a normal snake does. It injects venom that not only slowly kills its victim but also numbs the area where they are bitten - or in the case of smaller animals paralysing them, making them easier to catch.

The Lukrinam Ssnake defends itself by spraying the same venom through its fangs. It does this in the form of a sneezing action by jolting its head straight up and bending backwards (because the Lukrinam has a thick neck bone that prevents it from moving it's head back) and then returning to its original position at breakneck speed. The venom sticks to the victimís skin and begins to quickly burn the flesh. While the victim struggles desperately to rid itself of the fluid the Lukrinam can escape.
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Territory. The only place Lukrinam have been seen are the exotic rainforests of the Krath Empire on the continent of Nybelmar but they may occasionally be found in other areas as well. Lukrinam are known to live either on trees and their branches or buried under the leaf litter, waiting for something to scurry along.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Lukrinam are extremely solitary and are only seen together when mating. They are usually hunting in the rainforests or waiting, curled around a tree, for an unsuspecting animal to fall into its trap. The Lukrinam are very hostile creatures. They arenít just ruthless hunters, if you invade its personal space it will lunge at you with all of its capabilities and will probably incapacitate, if not kill, a trespasser.

Lukrinam snakes are known to shed their entire skin, normally following a rough monthly cycle. When a new skin has formed under the top layer it breaks down the centre of the snake's back. As the skin continues to loosen it just slides off as the snake wriggles. The skin resembles the snake's stripes for quite a short period of time, normally about four days. Unlike the skin which is removed from the dead snake this skin goes completely transparent within a matter of minutes, until hours later it begins to decompose. This can be very embarassing if your entire aparrel is made of shed Lukrinam skin.

Lukrinam are also very particular about who is watching them. Some say they have a sixth sense that allows them to see everything whatís going on around them, but most just think they have a very keen sense of hearing. It is thought that when tracking a Lukrinam, even if it is not directly looking at you, it is conscious of your presence. It just leads you further into its trap, until you canít get away. Thatís when it attacks.
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Diet. Lukrinam will feast on any living meat; they have no interest in rotting flesh and would rather eat fresh meat. They are known to eat a lot of different small rodents, but it is said they enjoy especially the occasional group of mako lizard.
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Mating. Lukrinam are very solitary animals, and mating is one of the few times that they actually congregate. Mating occurs when the female is in season. At this time she emits strange signals from her muscles, which are read by the males in the area. When a female is in season (which is completely different to natural seasons like winter and summer, but after a specific amount of days after reaching mating age, which is about two years) she diverts most of her blood to her head, making her red stripes pink and her head a deep scarlet colour.

After a male and female mate the female produces five to seven eggs, each about the size of a human child's fist. These eggs, which are a brilliant white are fertilised by the male. He does this by first making a small puncture with his fangs and then releasing a strange mixture containing sperm and a strange type of adhesive into it in a similar way to its venom spraying. This mixture hardens, leaving the puncture holes filled. He repeats this until all the eggs are fertilised.

Once the female has laid her eggs and her stripes return to their original colour she departs. Once the male finishes fertilising the eggs he also departs and the hatchlings are left to fend for themselves when they awake from their shells.
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Usages. Lukrinam meat is prized among the wealthy families of the Krean society and is quite a good export to the other races. Its skin and fangs are also used to make jewellery and small pieces of clothing. These products are very expensive due to the dangers the hunters face in retrieving the raw materials.

Lukrinam poison extraction is also a very lucrative industry. The originally blue poison is treated with a whole manner of strange chemicals, sometimes including other poisons, that can either change its colour or make it as clear as fresh spring water. This despicable poison, which is known as 'Lukriloin' to the
Krean, has been studied by many scholars and its effects are still uncertain, many agree though that it causes blood to thicken and clot as well as causing dizziness, giddiness, lack of breath and the most painful of all, increased stomach acid, eating away at the upper body. The Krean, who are famous for their diplomatic plotting and scheming, are known to trade bags of worthly treasures for a mere flask of the stuff.
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