The Mhorashty are a mythical demon species (spoken Morr-Ash-Tee, plural Morashty as well) said to represent the servants of Queprur. They roam the world of the mortals for unknown reasons but seem to be drawn to death like fleas to a dead corpse. They're said to wander freely between our world and the Netherworlds but more you don't know. In other contexts they're also seen in connection with Etherus as creatures of lust and the sins of love although their alignment to death and destruction seems to be pre-dominant.

The Mhorashty
View picture in full size Image description. The evil grin of a Mhorashty after having lured two lovers to their deaths by whispering false promises in their ears. Picture drawn by Mitra Rodi.

Appearance. In most cases the Mhorashty are described as blue- or greyskinned creatures with glowing red eyes and red or purple hair, a human body with feet like the hooves of a goat or the claws of an eagle. Their sharp teeth are said to be black as well as the claws of their fingers. They are always considered being of attractive male or female appearance. Whether this is their true appearance or only one of various forms in this world is unknown as a coat of darkness always surrounds them. They're often called the "Masters of Masks" as it is supposed that they are able to change their appearance rather quickly. Return to the top

Special Abilities. Mhorashty must be very powerful in the arts of stealth and affecting other minds and decisions. Some say they can shapeshift others and/or they can make the mind of their victims forget their encounter completely. Their voices are reported to be of sweet, appealing tones as they can persuade anyone to do terrible things beyond his/her own imagination. To defend against a Mhorashty with force must be in most cases no option. While they're only of human stature they still possess the power and strength of they gathered from the Netherworlds and their claws might punish their victims as terrible as do their false promises. Return to the top

Territory. Most people believe that the Mhorashty are not part of this world but originally live in the Netherworlds as one of the more sapient demon species. When they're in other planes, Mhorashty seem to be drawn to sites of Ddath and destruction, haunting graveyards to torture the souls of the dead or wander to old battlesites at night. You can never be sure how to evade them. The demons don't seem to be very predictable but to follow a certain higher plan which they would only reason with the words "The Iron Mistress likes it".
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Habitat/Behaviour. As has been already mentioned Mhorashty are drawn to evil thoughts, to death and plague and like to teach men a lesson. They like to persuade people to follow their selfish and greedy emotions and to cause some destruction in well-dosed, personal catastrophies. - Beware of their evil voices as they can change your heart or wake up your worst side. They seem to never get active or violent on their own part but only make others do terrible things, which sometimes may be even worse.
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Diet. As theyse demons are affected by death they're also influenced by blood. They seem to like it as an incarnation of life, which is other than theirs. Beside that they don't seem to need any, at least not in this sphere of existence.
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Mating. It is reported that in very rare cases Mhorashty have reproduced in this world by transforming humans into mhorashtian form. The way this mutation takes place is described very differently at various sources. In one case it is said the Morashty seduce their victims, in others it is mentioned that they force them.

The victims are said to behave strange after this event and over several years transform into a Mhorashty themselves. If then still some human blood is in their bodies is unknown as the first thing they do is to disappear into other spheres.

If there's a more natural way the Mhorashty reproduce it is unknown but it seems uninmportant anyway as no-one has ever seen a Mhorashty die.
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Myth/Lore. There are many myths mentioning these creatures as messengers of Queprur to deliver proposals, death messages to the victims of the Goddess of the Iron Crown.

Their weird humor has become legendary in this myths as a way of punishment before the soul of the victim is forced to leave the body. Furthermore it is often said that they can smell evil thoughts and Death as well and like to draw black souls into terrible deaths with false promises, betrayals and sweet words.

But they're also involved when Queprur grants a hero another chance to fulfill an open task and it is said whenever someone survived something incredible the Mhorashty were guarding him.

The most popular story maybe is about two bards of Bardavos competing for the same girl. An initial competition of the words quickly turns into an intrigue of murder and greed for gold as a Mhorashty joins the lovers and whispers false promises into their ears and fills their hearts with wrong wishes and hope.

The famous theatre writer Praetorius Rochus extended this old fairy tale into a heartbreaking drama about the rise of the bard and poet Candelan. In the grand finale one of the lovers kills himself with the girl and the other bard has a long dialogue with the Mhorashty why the creature made two people kill themselves to purify his soul from all sins.

Candelan then wanders the whole world to sing about "the true, lost love" and with his poems and songs became one of the most famous bards ever.

In many other stories the Mhorashty are involved in the fate of certain people in a similar way, causing bad things to happen to make other people becoming good ones. In many regions between Santhala and Bardavos tparents warn their children if you don't behave true and pure in your heart as well as in your thoughts the Mhorashty will come and get you...
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