In the gap between the Auturian Woods and the Tolonian Heath grows a mysterious green moss. Appearing during the colder months of the year the Odea Moss Plant has been used be the Tethinrhim elves since it was discovered as a highly potent healing plant.

Appearance. The Odea Moss is deep green in colour, very shiny, incredibly slippery and once removed from the host it starts to die disgustingly slimy. While attached to itss host the Odea is in the solid shape of tiny spheres. Occasionally a red sphere will appear on the out side if the plant, this is believed to be the plant ‘mating’ and creating another Odea Moss plant.

Territory. Odea Moss is found at the lower regions of the Auturian Woods and the Tolonian Heath. Small patches can also be found in the Sharadon Forests and very rarely, although often enough to make a comment on, the western side of Marcogg.

Usages. Odea Moss has a highly potent healing element. A paste needs to be created using the Odea moss along with a drop of blood from the wounded. A chemical reaction takes place with the blood and the moss, stopping the moss from becoming too liquid and allows a paste to be formed. That paste is then spread over the wound and left to be absorbed into the body. According on the severity of the wound depends on how many times this process should be repeated. The paste does not need to be removed.

After forming a liquid, the Odea Moss then dries out and forms a powder, which is kept by the Tethinrhim elves, especially the Kaierian Warriors. This powder retains healing properties, however losing a great deal of its potency, the powder is still aiding with the quick recovery of the wounded. The powder is especially highly effective on dwarves and humans. More frequent dosages are required for larger humanoids. Elves and those who are in tune with nature and/or have a talent in the magical field need to use this paste with extreme caution, as it interacts with the life force of the wounded. Although not deadly, the effect of over-healing their body gives a sense of false euphoria which causes the wounded to react in ways that they normally would not.

Myth/Lore. Odea moss is rumored to be the creation of Nehtor (God of Healing) having witnessed the horrors and burns to the remaining Tethinrhim elves when the Auturian Woods were burnt down in 806 b.S., assisting to help the elves to recover their strength. It was discovered by the Aván Plorth when he was wounded from the fires, slipped on some of the Odea Moss when fleeing and was covered with the plant from head to toe while being unconcious for a time. Waking the next day after washing off most of the moss that he could find, Plorth noticed that he was healing faster than the other elves from their injuries. The moss was then put on other elves' bodies and the healing capabilities of the Odea Moss were soon confirmed.

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