The plant is pronounced O-ran-Ju-lee and is nick named the Water Willow. The plant above the water looks rather short standing only 2 palmspans above the waterline but is actually a full fore from the base to tip of the plant. Its color fluctuates twice a year. The water plant can often be found growing along the edges of lakes, streams and sometimes fresh rivers either by a spring or mountain rivers. The plant of course prefers shallow water hence the size of the plant.

The Oran'Jule

View picture in full size Picture description: The Oran'Jule or Water Willow. Picture drawn by Llian and colored by Uragel.

Appearance. The Oran'Jule or Water Willow can be found growing along the edge of fresh water streams, lakes and rivers growing a full fore from base to the tip of the plant, but only growing 2 palmspans above the waterline. The reeds are in the shape of a thin hollow tube with only a nailsbreadth from completing the tube, it can almost be described as an arch growing into a arrow shaped tip at the top of the plant. The color ranges from the summer months to the winter months providing that there is enough rain to saturate the part of the reed that is above the waterline. In the winter the reed is a deep cool green and the tip and the edges of the reed is a dark purple, in the summer months the cool green turns to a lighter shade of green and the purple is a light brown or yellow color, again depending on the rain. The plant prefers shallow water and prefers cooler areas of the water side to grow, for instance, under the shade of trees or river side bushes or even sometimes under over hanging grass. Return to the top

Territory. As said the Oran'Jule prefers shallow fresh water, which can be found on the banks of lakes, rivers, springs and streams. Also it likes to keep in the cool, yet it needs enough sun for its growth and development. A Water Willow cannot grow in salt water but other than that, except extreme heat and extreme cold it can live along almost any fresh water substance. It is widely spread but again not common due to only liking fresh water.
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Usages. If the milk is extracted from the vies all so carefully and expertly the white substance can be used as a light glue liquid. Its not a very strong glue but can glue paper together and can be used as a molding glue for decorative cooking.
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Reproduction. What can be found in the hollow arch of the plant is a small teasle type plant that can hold up to 30 seeds that the wind carries aways and hopefully the seeds will land in the right place to grow another Water Willow.
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