The Orm is a common small insect found through most of Caelereth. They are about a half to a bit larger than a nailsbreadth, covered in a dark colored armor, and walk on six legs. They usually live in hives built from small pieces of wood, leaves or dirt, or in an airy space under a rock. They are mindless little buggers, who annoy anybody who have sugar, or other sweet things. Orms are ruled by a queen (size is usually six times larger than the average worker), whose main task is to lay small white eggs.

Appearance. The Orm is about a half to a bit longer than a nailsbreadth long. It possesses six legs, and a small head with two claw like things which function as teeth, also known as mandibles. The body divided in three parts, the head, the thorax, and the abdomen.

On the head
you can find the mandibles, their eyes and two ormennas. The Ormennas are used for communication by rubbing them together, which makes a very faint whistling sound, and they are used to feel their way through dark places.

On the thorax are the
Orm's six legs. On the legs are two small claws, used when climbing or digging. 

The abdomen is larger than the thorax. It is full of the
Orm's vitals, and has a small stinger which poisons any attacker. The poison isnít fatal to anyone larger than a thumbnail, but itches a bit upon touch.

The body is covered with dark colored, shell-like body armor, the exoskeleton.
The armor is the only thing that keeps their body together as Orms have no internal skeleton.

The soldiers however, are a bit larger than the other Orms. They got stronger body-armor, and an additional set of legs. The additional legs resemble more of arms, as they are placed in front of the legs, and instead of the gripping claws, they are pointed. These arms are used as weapons instead of walking.

Another thing related to the
Orms' appearance is that they turn rather slow, and donít have a clear vision at their back or sides.
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Special Abilities. The Orms are capable of pulling weights several times larger than their own. The Orms can easily dig their way through dirt, and use it (or parts of it) for their hive. Orms can also live without food or water for oneīor two weeks. Return to the top

Territory. Orms are found in most places in Caelereth. They live in cities, in their hives in the forests, plains and in the high valleys. They usually donít bother with the climate, able to live and prosper in immense heat or cold.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Orm workers are usually out harvesting in the daytime, and sleeping in the night. Thatís pretty much what they do.

The soldiers are usually out and checking if there are hostile Orms in their area. If there are, they fight them, if not, they continue searching.
Sometimes, they wage war, fighting another hiveís soldiers, until the other hive is annihilated. Both soldiers and workers are pretty much mindless.

The queen is the one who creates new Orms. If the queen dies, the hive usually dies after a little while. Thatís why the queen is closely guarded by soldiers and given extra food
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Diet. The Orms feed on smaller insects and the juices and parts of plants and fruits. The most important Orm part in their diet is the sugar of the plants. Orms will go through anything to get regular, old fashioned sugar. 

y usually eat in the evening, when the cold night makes them more drowsy than usual. The caste that have the task of gathering food and keeping the tunnels clean are called workers. They hunt down bugs or carry the pieces of plants to the hive in the daytime. But it is the queen and the soldiers that get most of it.
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Mating. An Orm queen only mates once in her lifetime. She, and a male Orm created especially for the act, reproduce when the queen is about twice the size of a standard worker. The sperm is carried by the queen throughout her entire life. After a little while, the queen lays several white eggs, which are, on sunny days, carried onto the top of the hive, and placed in the sun. She continues to lay eggs every six days. After a couple of weeks, half-grown Orms emerge from the eggs.
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Usages. When in great hunger, it is possible to fry Orms. They taste a little salty, but not much. They are full of necessary stuff, and are a better option than dying. But if you eat too much of them, youíll get too much of their poison. Nothing critical though, except a bad stomach.

Some 50 years ago, some scientists collected
Orms and put them into conserving fluid. The Orms were put on bruises, and the wounds seemed to grow faster, better and no one who used some Orms on their wounds, ever got infections. In the same respect it is said that the bite of Orms is has healing effects too Ė but there is one drawback: a terrible headache and a sour stomach. This only works with large amounts of Orms, so you must put your arm into a hive to rouse them. Youíll certainly get lots of bites...

Some magicians are
also capable of encouraging their growth magically, and making them do their bidding. The spell used for these transformations also adds a slightly larger intellect, so that they can perform their tasks better. Most wizards use soldiers, as they are larger, stronger and more solid. Their arms are also a plus. The spell's effects last until they die, either of hunger, as they are possessed with the task, and donít eat, until they get killed. The tasks which are safest to use, are guard, patrol, go, hunt or roam.
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Species. There exists a great variety of Orms. The most important types are described in the overview below:

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