Who's there? What was that? I thought I saw something. If you have you ever felt a nearby presence that cannot be explained you may have encountered one of Santharia's many apparitions. Among the most difficult creatures to study, apparitions manifest themselves in seemingly unpredictable patterns. Nevertheless the Compendium's determined researchers have been able to document the following apparitions:    

The Black Unicorn

The Red glowing eyes, dark as a corbie, fumes coming out of its nostrils, an unearthly apparition spawned by the swamps of Venlaken, this is the horned steed of the twisted lords of the Enclave, the Black Unicorn. There is little though in this nightmarish demon that could match the noble creature known as unicorn throughout all Caelereth. Yet perhaps its horse-like appearance, the spiraled horn in its forehead and its elusive behavior may suggest the origins of its name.
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The Bone Tree

These trees usually appear suddenly over night and disappear just as sudden after some time. Their most common form is that of a tree made entirely out of human bones. They were also seen as normal trees that instead of branches have human hands and also as huge hands coming out of the ground, sometimes even feet, or just fingers. All these body parts seem to be alive somehow, as they will bleed if chopped down. It is not known whether these "Bone Trees" are malicious or not and generally the Anpagan mages and even the Daedhirians seem to be clueless about their origins or purpose. Return to the top

Parasitic apparitions, the Dream Tempters are, most of the times, disembodied figures haunting the dreams of those that come too close to the Venlaken Enclave's borders in the southern Nybelmar. In case that the haunted is a man, the figure is usually feminine, and in case that the haunted is a woman, the figure is usually masculine. The Dream Tempters are adapting their appearance according to their victims' desires and thus it is said that "few things, if any, can match a Dream Tempter's beauty". These beings exhaust the vitality of their victims, tormenting them night after night until their deaths. The ones who die this way are also believed to become at their turn Dream Tempters. Return to the top

The Dryr Void Phenomenon

Dryr (short for "Dryzyr") are fascinating magical phenomenons to behold in the vicinity of the southern Void at the continent of Aeruillin. They appear in the regions of the Nytheranian Dunes, the Desert of Light, the Sea of Hylmagor, sometimes even up until the Plain of the Forsaken in the southwestern part of the desert continent and are also referred to as "Dryzyr" or "Seeker" by some. "Dryzyr" by the way probably means something along the line of "Many-Mouths" in an old Aeruillin tongue. While some claim the Dryr are actually floating entities having the appearance of wobbly translucent eyes, others see in it a kind of wicked magical storm bearing consciousness sent out by the Void to destroy or punish people for whatever reason. There's also a theory that claims that the characteristic storm "eyes" are actually maws of an even larger unseen magical creature. And even others interpret the Dryrs as a vehicle to communicate with the Gods and perhaps to fulfill their dreams... Whatever the truth, caution is advisable when encountering a Dryr! Return to the top

The Hiveling Creature

Dancing without feet, watching without eyes, and roaring in a buzzing, shivering dialect spoken by wings in place of a tongue. Most of what is known of the Hivelings is from fleeting eyewitness accounts and ancients stories and songs. Most commonly described as “a man made of bees”, they in fact take many forms, using many kinds of insect as a host – though always swarming insects, and it seems they cannot keep such a form for long. Foremost, this is a creature of impossibilities; by rights it shouldn’t exist at all – and its very presence invites questions that have few clear answers. Return to the top

The "Mad Dancing Faeries" are believed to be ghostly apparitions roaming the woods of the Enclave and sometimes the woods west of Lun - in southern Nybelmar. They always take the form of young beautiful women and they always appear only in groups. However, anyone who happens to see their unearthly mad dance is doomed: the men become mute and unable to take care of themselves anymore, while the women become crazed, talking continuously and not being able to hold on to a certain state of mind for more than a few moments. Return to the top

Although the existence of the Void Sails was signaled in Nybelmar since long before the fall of the First Korweyn Empire, they were always wrapped in doubt and mystery. And who can blame any scholar for doubting, when the appearance of such a beast (if it can be considered a beast indeed) defies any sense of reason? As the reports about such Void Sails diminish, so the general trust in their existence does. Also called "Inami" a Void Sail is basically a vertical gelatinous curved tube wrapped in a translucent veil, hovering over the ground without having any apparent means that would allow it to do that. Always elegant and majestic, sometimes whispering strange melodies, they are believed to be sentient - magical sentient beings, possessing a wisdom beyond any imagination. "Question: What is Inami?..." - goes a well known Anpagan joke - "Answer: A Void Sail. Question: And what is a Void Sail? Answer: Inami." Return to the top

The Wailwoman

The Wailwoman, sometimes known as a "Wailing Mistress" or "Banshee", is a fearful and legendary figure. Being an entity that embodies such sorrow in its creation, when looked upon (however long, or short, that time may be) a sensation of pity and fear cannot help but be felt by the witness. A dead elven maiden is said to be the source of a Wailwoman, having died with a crime or sorrow to her name so terrible in her life that the gods themselves cursed them to an endless unrest. With a bone chilling, mind shattering cry, the Wailwoman is a powerful and fearful opposition. Return to the top

The Watcher Phantasm

"Watchers" are phantasms, which are said to be encountered at eerie nightly locations like moors, swamps, deep ancient forests and cemeteries. They appear in the form of roughly humanoid, grey-cloaked shapes, who are only visible from afar, and will not move at all when encountered. They are supposed to be neutral, standing between evil haunts and good spirits; they may represent apparitions of dead people, whose presence is meant either as a message of some sorts to those they left behind or as a warning to those, who try to enter perilous territory. Return to the top

The White Lady

The apparitions known as "White Ladies" or in some regions "Grey Ladies", are ghosts that have been sighted from Varcopas to the Icelands. Dressed in white or grey, they walk about in the spot that is said to be the place of their death. The manner of their death can sometimes be deduced from her appearance – for example, if a White Lady is walking near a lake shore with wet hair and clothes, it may be safe to assume she drowned. They show themselves mainly to children and elderly people. While this could be attributed to an overactive imagination or senility respectively, it would be a very great coincidence that imagination and senility both produced reports that so closely resemble each other, even in cases where one would not expect the reporter to be influenced by other stories. Although there are relatively many sightings for so elusive a phenomenon, it seems that only humans are able to see them. It is noticeable that, compared to the amount of people living near some of the places where White Ladies appear, there are fewer sightings than could reasonably be expected if they were tangible, yet more than can be dismissed out of hand. Return to the top

The Wisp

The Wisp, also known as "Granther Willow's Lantern", or more commonly as the "Will'o'Wisp" in many of the human lands of Sarvonia is a mysterious apparition known to inhabit desolate swamps, moors or bogs. There are also occasional sightings among old ruined fortresses and catacombs. The elves call this apparition the "injóh" (lit. "light creature"). There are many legends and myths told of the Will'o'Wisp, with most of them giving the Wisp a capricious and benevolent nature. Still other tales do not paint the Wisp in such a positive light, warning travelers never to follow a Wisp in the night for it will lead one to their doom. Regardless of the truth, many researchers cannot agree as to the apparition's true nature. Return to the top

 Date of last edit 23rd Passing Clouds 1670 a.S.

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