Beasts which attack humanoids and thus classify as "monsters" are a nightmare for every regular adventurer roaming the lands. Flying creatures, small or large, often represent a serious danger due to their elusiveness and agility compared to their opponent on foot. Never underestimate a flying monster swooping down on you!

Overview. The following Flying Monsters have been recorded so far:

The Groshmite Insect

The Groshmite (also referred to as the "Giant Woodboring Mite") is only distantly related to mites. Rather it is an airborne insect, with no more than two to four nailsbreadths in size. A Groshmite might not pose a threat when encountered alone, but can be a deadly danger if a whole swarm attacks, which unfortunately is the rule. A swarm is a group of Groshmites existing collectively as an airborne pestillence containing hundreds, in few cases even thousands, of individual insects. Though peaceful in general, the swarm should definitely be avoided to be stirred up. Groshmites exist around the countryside mainly in Santharian regions around and north of the Hèckranian volcano until the foothills of the Tandala Highlands. They can mainly be found at the borders of various forests, sometimes also in the vicinity of swamps, forming up to 10 ped sized clouds of insects. Return to the top

The Tagers are the most impressive animals of the Zharkanion Mountains in Nybelmar and also the rarest. One of few flying beasts, these bird-lizards are the most feared predator in the mountains. With a wingspan of more than 3 peds a full-grown Tager is a very powerful animal. It can lift a dwarven child without much effort. The dwarven name for them, Hun, plural Huunerons ("The ones who take"), were given to them due to precisely that fact. The lifespan is hard to determine, but most experts among the dwarves agree that it’s between 50-80 years
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