Description. There's many a story of whole scripts overturned and whole crews being eaten alive by some horror from the depths of a dark wide sea - practically every part of the world has a story like this to tell. But there are also smaller monsters waiting patiently in swamps for their prey, in order to drag them down to a damp grave... Beware of those places, a deadly danger is awaiting everywhere!

Overview. The following Water Monsters have been recorded so far:

The Anythrian Bladeserpent

The Ancythrian Bladed Serpent (or simply "Bladeserpent") is a large sea-snake living in the depths of the Ancythrian Sea, about the size of a large ship and purportedly 2-3 peds in diameter. The serpent received its name from a blade that is attached to its head and tail, lending it fierce looks and a dangerous weapon. The beast's existence for a long time had been doubted and there was great speculation, and it was generally assumed that the tales of the serpents were mere myths created by weary sailors. Until the discovery of its giant eggshells floating inland from the sea convinced the most dubious researchers...
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The Giant Kraken

The Giant Kraken is a very rare, very unseen sea-creature with 8 gigantic tentacles. The only way they have been found is dead, washed up upon the banks of the seas. These massive creatures are one of the most dangerous, largest, and still unknown about creatures within Caelereth. With their strength they can even tear whole ships apart.
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The Hydragon Worm

The Hydragon (pronounced HIGH-drah-gon) is a rare but dangerous water monster, which frequents fresh-water lakes and rivers in Northern Sarvonia and Nybelmar though the occasional specimen has been located as well in the Rayne and the Teiphra rivers just south of the Tandala Mountains. It is also known as “Ergvaz’mur” (Kugliz'seitre, lit. “Three Heads”) and to the elves as the "Coór'raház" (Styrásh, "Snake of Coór"). There is believed to be also a variety in Nybelmar known as the Bala'Ur, which is reportedly monstrous in size, but no proofs of the latter are available. Many people think the Hydragon to be completely mythical, but the Northerners know better and most peoples, from the Celeste Lowlands to Barsalon, can show the curious a shed skin, or the “beak fang”, or a preserved specimen of some sort. Return to the top

The Kaimun Reptile

The Kaimun (plural "Kaimuni") is a fearsome-looking but sedentary water beast, resembling an enormous carnivorous lizard. It has two varieties, the large Ocean Kaimun and the smaller Swamp Kaimun, which are nearly identical in appearance except for their size. The Ocean Kaimun is found in the southern ocean waters and ranges along the Sarvonian coast from the Gulf of Maraya to just past Ciosa. The Swamp Kaimun is found throughout the Sarvonian continent wherever there is wet swampy territory, as far north as the Water Marshes, the area of the former elven metropolis Fá'áv'cál'âr.
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The Krrroa'haxpattl Monster

The Krrroa'haxpattl, how the icetribes name this beast due to the sounds it makes when mating (sometimes also referred in its short form, "Krrroa"), is one of the most feared beasts of the Northern seas of Caelereth, but one of the most fascinating and strange at the same time. It is often described as a gargantuan, black mass with no fixed form with a forest of tentacles. Actually it is not very ferocious, except in certain circumstances. It is not its enormous size which frightens the people, but it is said that looking at it causes horror in the bravest man or woman, though this can not be explained with its sheer appearance alone.
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The Ophochio

The Ophochio (oh-FO-chee-oh) is an immense swamp wyrm that is found in Northern Sarvonia. It is known by various names: As Swamp Serpent in Santharia, Otorm’tog (Kuglim'seitre), Chor’haz (Styrásh) Kanarolon (Thergerim-Taal), to name a few. It is located in the magic-polluted Crystal Lake of Northern Sarvonia, just north of the Tandalas, and is thought to be something created by the warping of Diorye’oleal magics in that area. Return to the top

The Yoyarr is a bizarre creature that dwells in the Black Lakes of Trumatyreon within the caverns inhabited by the Trumarim Dwaves and Darkling Brownies in western Nybelmar. Yoyarr, perhaps better known as the Akotiljor, are noted for their ability to survive in the otherwise inhospitable lakes and for their massive, glowing teeth. Unfortunately, while Trumarim are known to possess a wealth of information on most subjects that involve the Black Lakes, it appears that overfishing has removed Akotiljor from those sections of the lakes that reside nearest their settlements long ago, leaving Darkling Brownies both their main source of the glowing teeth and of researchers' information on these enigmatic creatures. Return to the top

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