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Importance. Giant conifers.
These trees are the giants of the Sarvonian continent, and the tallest living things in the known world, reaching further into the skys than most can see. Adlemir have rough, jet black bark, though specimens with variations in bark colour are seen in the northern ranges of the tree.
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Importance. Silver-barked and pink-flowered.
Summary. Cloewen Trees are e
vergreen, slow growing trees that reach a height of about 4-5 peds when fully grown. Bark is silver and smooth to the touch. They have large deep green waxy leaves which are about the size of a spread palm. The trees are prized by the Ylfferhim elves for their magnificent large white (or ocassionally pale pink) sweet scented blooms in spring and autumn. The elves often prune Cloewen into fantastic and beautiful shapes.
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Importance. Spicy scent and turquoise needles.
Giant conifer, with turquoise needles and shaggy red-brown bark with a spicy scent. This tree is highly responsive to wood-sorcery and elven magic. The great Council Tree of the Brownies was created from a cinnabark.
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Importance. Tree providing edible red berries in the drier parts of the Rahaz Dath.
Summary. Most important evergreen tree in the drier parts of the Rahaz Dath. The name derives from Shen-Dar-Tree, though this is not wide known. Up to ten peds tall, little yellow and orange flowers which resemble in their arrangement a Shendar Dome. Red berries with an abundance of vitamins when ripe. Ripe before the occasional rain arrives and are therefore a water resource for many insects and small birds and mammals.

Survives where not many other plant can live due to roots which grow up to 50 peds into the depth of the ground to find water. Provides an own ecosystem for many other plants and animals.
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Importance. Cone-shaped, forest cover.
Summary. This tree is dedicated to Eyasha, Goddess of Peace and Unity, of Harmony, Tranquility and Contentment.
Growing in large packs the Peace Pine requires sun, water and soil which is high in nurturance. Generally used to decorate during various times of the year. The Peace Pine can range from 1 ped through to 30 and more peds in height depending on how long it is left to grow and the quality of the soil in which it grows. The general shape of the tree is a triangle with long branches at the bottom of the tree and shorter reaching ones at the top until it finally reaches a tip.
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Importance. Produces a sugary resinwith many industrial uses.
A spectacularly tall and lacy conifer, pale green with bright emerald cones and a fine-scaled greyish bark. A favorite of the elves. Its resin can be tapped rather like a sugar maple, without harming the tree, and used in a wide range of industrial applications - glues, lacquers, glazes, wines, candies, and medicines.
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Importance. Sweet sap forms candy-like gum.
Summary. A Sahnrix Pine c
an grow up to 70 peds height. It has long straight trunks with thick bark when mature, which is flaky with a brownish color. This thick bark and its habit of shedding the lower branches make this species resistant to fire. Sahnrix sap, when it runs out of the tree and hardens, can be eaten like candy. The stumps of burned or fallen trees yield good gum for eating. Some place pieces of Sahnrix gum in baskets and dissolve them with hot rocks and water, skimming off needles and other extraneous matter, to make syrup.
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