Domesticated beast at the R'unorian Islands. The larval stage of the Lurker, the Pitworm is a large grub like creature with a maximum size of around three peds in length and one ped high, with a soft white outer body and a dark head with rather vicious looking ant-like mouth parts, and three bloodred eyes aranged in a triangular pattern on the forehead.

Pit Worms can only be found on the Isles of R'unor where they are farmed for, of all things, a food source. This is done by digging large pits, normally 50 peds deep and 20 peds across, the bottom of this pit then is filled with a layer of "organic material" about half a ped deep. Then an adult female Lurker is placed in the center of the pit to lay eggs, which then hatch releasing the young Pit Worms who feed off of both the layer of organic material, which provides most of their nutriants. The young Pit Worms also nourish from several secretions of the adult Lurker, which although they provide some nutrition mainly serve to control the rate of growth and to trigger the change into adult Lurkers at the apropriate time. Pit Worms are tended to for about 3 years, at which time they have reached their maximum size and are ready to form into adult Lurkers. However, several months before this happens almost all of the Pit worms are slaughtered by the R'unorians and their flesh is cut into segments for various dishes. The remaining Pit Worms are left to pupate and in 3 months emerge as fully formed Lurkers.

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