Appearance. The Puliquay is a rare herb found mostly on the continent of Aeruillin. Blossoming in the Plain of the Dead this ancestral flower is well sought after. It has a brown stem and stays near the ground. The bloom from this desert flower is dull and easily mistaken for a Kila weed. The dull orange color blends into the desert sand. It grows well in sweltering places or high temp and low moisture. Return to the top

Territory. Mostly found on the continent of Aeruillin, at the borders of the Plain of the Dead. As was said the Puliquay is very scarce and can't be detected very well unless you have stumbled across them or you search for them explicitely.
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Usages. When boiled with the water from the Sea of Tardulan the Puliquay produces a potent poison used for suffocating the enemy. It bubbles out of the container which has been mixed and floats with the wind destroying multicellular organisms. The water has a mysterious effect making the weed release a poisonous gas. The gas contains parasites that are extremely small. They were present on the surface of the bloom but not as potent as they were in their gaseous stage. They are then lighter than air and begin to imbed themselves into there host eating away its flesh or bark etc. once they come in contact. So one who uses this herb must experiment with extreme caution not to let the gas flow in his/her own direction. The Brownies are able to do this because the containers they use are usually much taller than them and the parasites usually float upward. Brownies are immune to the parasites in solid form.
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Myth/Lore. Though no one knows where the Puliquay came from the Brownies were the first to harness it for their way of life. Other species tried to add this to their arsenal but could not harness it because the bloom itself was to fragile. The oils from the Brownies' pores on their fingers seemed to nullify the tiny parasites that lived on the blooms' surface. Other races became severely sick when they touched the bloom. Brownies being experts in herbs they manipulated the herb to their advantage to spread the poison towards enemy troops - only for protection, never to destroy the world that the Life Tree presented them in. It was said that the continent of Aeruillin was once a paradise but an ogre that tried to produce the poison produced enormous amounts, took a deadly wif and died. At this disastrous turn of events the poison spread throughout the continent destroying everything. But that is only legend told to Brownies.
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