Appearance. The Dor’iyn is a small breed with a brown or white head. It wears a very thin, close fleece that has a light caramel coloring. The Dor’iyn does not have the bulk of its northern cousins and is quite delicate in the torso with long, thin limbs. Both male and female sheep of this breed have horns, though the females’ are much more insubstantial. Return to the top

Special Abilities. No special abilities.
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Territory. The Dor’iyn thrives in the warmer southern Sarvonia and northern Aeruillin.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The breed is calm around people, easy to work with and easily milked. Travels in mid-sized flocks, usually consisting of 20-25 sheep.
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Diet. The breed has the advantage of natural climate/temperature hardiness and grazing ability. The Dor’iyn is well suited to a sparse grazing system as well as a confinement operation. While not normally lythe-fed, the Dor’iyn eats the alth’ho grass, along with other lesser plants, when applicable.
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Mating. The mating/birthing cycle is not much different for the Dor’iyn than to other sheep, though the periods tend to be less ‘strict.’ A ram could initiate contact in a period of months between the months of Burning Heavens to Passing Clouds. Lambs would then be born anywhere from the months of Molten Ice to Singing Bird.

Like its northern-most cousin, the Cuncu, the Dor’iyn is not known to produce twins. But unlike its cousin, if the Dor’iyn were to produce twin lambs, both the lambs and the mother would die - so fragile are the bones of the female Dor’iyn.
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Usages. Unlike its northern cousins, whose sheering schedule is affected by the mating/birthing cycles, the Dor’iyn’s production levels/periods are not affected by certain seasons of the year. The Dor’iyn is not known for its fleece, as it (the fleece) is very thin and would not be an efficient product. Instead, it is milked. The milk is then turned into cheese and either eaten by the herding family or sold in the commercial market. Some speciality cheese-makers purchase milk from lythe-fed sheep particularly for the ‘nutty’ flavor the grass produces. However, milk from these special-fed sheep is considered undesirable drinking milk.
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Dor'iyn Sheep Statistics

Measurements Rams Ewes
Height 1 ped 2 fore 2 fore - 1 ped
Length 1 ped - 1 ped 1 fore 1 ped
Weight 1 pygge 5 heb (1 ½ pygge) - 2 pygge 5 heb - 1 pygge
Average Milk 1 mug per day, 1 barrel - 1 ½ barrel per season

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