Appearance. The Sawis is normally seen with a black or white head and the colour of the fleece ranges from a light grey to a natural white. Individuals can sometimes be seen with completely black fleece, but it is a rare sight indeed. Males wear horns, but they are nowhere near the fierce appearance of the Cuncu. The Sawis are easy to manage/breed, having very few health problems associated with many of the larger breeds. They have excellent feet, requiring little attention, and can get by with only the minimum of feeding at peak times of the year. Return to the top

The Sawis Sheep

View picture in full size Image description. A horned sawis ram with an impressive fleece and two lambs grazing the fields. Picture drawn by Bard Judith.

Territory. The Sawis Sheep is a hardy breed. Their adaptability to all kinds of pasture land; hardiness to withstand variable climates; close, oily wool to shield them from snow and sleet; their longevity and prolificacy; and many other outstanding qualities made them widely popular in middle Sarvonia. Like their northern cousins, the Cuncu, they also keep to meadows and fields where their food source is plentiful. Return to the top

Habitat/Behaviour. Sawis Sheep are gentle animals and children are often fond of them. They travel in small to mid-sized flocks, as their social community is smaller then most other sheep (10-15 sheep).
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Diet. Like the Cuncu, the Sawis eats many low-lying grasses, mosses, roots, and other plants. Among the most prominent are the prevalent alth’ho and lythe-grasses. In the winter, they will eat any plant what they can find, including the bark of some trees and low shrubbery.
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Mating. The Sawis keep with the same mating/birthing cycles as their cousins: with a six-month gestation beginning in the months of the Sleeping Dreameress (Styrásh:
Maáh'valannía or Maáh'valannía) and of the Fallen Leaf (Styrásh: Chúh'querín or Chúh'querín), and ending in the months of the Awakening Earth (Styrásh: Avénni'modía or Avénni'modía) and of the Changing Winds (Styrásh: Méh'avashín or Méh'avashín). The Sawis is also an excellent mother, having very few lambing problems with plenty of milk - capable of rearing twin lambs under the right circumstances. Return to the top

Usages. Shorn in the early summer/late spring, fleeces from mature ewes will weigh from 1-2 hafeb per sheering. Commercial wool buyers and craftspeople seek the wool clip from the purebred Sawis flock. Sawis wool is used for many products, ranging from sweaters to outerwear to carpets. The fleece from those sheep that are born completely black is sold, un-dyed, at a ridiculously high price in normal markets.

Sawis Sheep Statistics

Measurements Rams Ewes
Height 1 ped 1 fore 2 fore - 1 ped
Length 1 ped - 1 ped 1 fore 1 ped
Weight 2 pygge - 2 pygge 5 heb (2 ½ pygge) 1 pygge 5 heb (1 ½ pygge) to 1 pygge 8 heb
Fleece 1-2 hafeb per sheering Return to the top

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