The Tam-Rek is a kind of demon, better known under the common name "Wild Demon". Slang Names are often "Basher", "Ripper" or "Wolf-Eater".

The Tam-Rek
View picture in full size Image description: The Tam-Rek, also called "Ripper" and "Wolf-Eater". Picture drawn by Faugar.

Appearance. Tam-Reks are large, black-skinned brutes. They have elvishly pointed ears, but round human types bodies which, despite the diameter, are very muscular. Their feet are actually cloven hooves which are surrounded by thick off white hair that continues up to the knee. Tam-Reks also have thin hair on their head which appear close shaved, but never truly grow, much the same as their goatees. Return to the top

Special Abilities. The Wild Demons don't have any outstanding abilities, aside from the ability to sense anyone entering the border of their territory. They also are known for extreme swiftness and tracking abilities. But they can also control plant life, which has brought about tales of killer plants associated with these demons - vines bursting forth to strangle people, trees surrounding them or smashing them. Such incidents have been confirmed, supposedly, by finding bodies hanging by roots and vines from tree branches, or maybe hung by the branch itself.
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Territory. These demons have only been spotted at certain regions of the vast Auturian Woods. They are believed to be some creation, or perhaps simply the undead manifestation of, the Tethinrhim elves that do or did occupy these woods. Probably the Tam-Reks work as some kind of protectors for the spirits of the dead elves, but this is mainly a supposition and cannot be scientifically confirmed nor is a special myth known suggesting this idea, only vague reports (see below). However, people living near the Auturian Woods strongly believe in such weird theories because of the pointed ears of the Tam-Rek and the fact that these demons fight so hard to keep people out of the woods and won't touch elves.
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Diet. The Tam-Reks are believed to survive off of animals in the woods, which is what draws their name of "Wolf-Eater". Though, in truth, no one knows if they do eat at all. It has never been seen, aside from people catching glimpses of a Tam-Rek silhouetted against the moon eating the innards of some helpless animal. It is entirely possibly that they survive on plants, or possibly both plants and animals. No droppings have ever been found to test for foods eaten.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The most obvious one of the Tam-Reks' behaviors is the fact that they attack anyone trying to enter the woods with intent to do harm, or possibly just anyone that is not an elf. This behavior earned them their names "Basher" and "Ripper", as those are the two most common things they do to intruders. Horribly mangled bodies have been found at the edge of the Auturian Woods several times during the last centuries and have generated a certain fear for those who would cut down trees or hunt animals inside of its borders.
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Mating. The Tam-Rek create their demonspawn in a very strange way. While most believe they are male, a true gender has not been determined, as none have lived long enough to say. But one brave soul is reported to have seen a small group of men who had come to capture or kill one of the creatures. The last few entries of his journal, which was found at the edge of the Woods next to his body, are as follows:

"The First Day

We reached the edge of the Auturian Woods today. I told the men that I was going to drop back in case of attack so I could observe the events. None of them were sad to see me go. I'm not a warrior like them, so they don't much enjoy my company, but this is necessary. Besides, I have a hunch that a Ripper would be appearing tonight. Hopefully I'm right.

Several Hours Later

I was right, they were attacked tonight. I stayed awake and saw the demon approach the sleeping men, but luckily the sentry woke them in time. They were attacked but were ready in time to make a counter strike. After what seemed like an eternity the men were all dead or dying, but the Tam-Rek was dead too. It fell with a great crash, but before I could even move it seemed to melt into the ground, and a patch of flowers sprung up almost instantly. I'm going to check the camp.

The Next Day

After inspecting the camp I found the footsteps of the demon leading back into the Woods. I followed them for several hours then slept for two more before awakening to write this. I keep seeing shadows sliding through the trees, and I've tripped over roots I could've sworn weren't there a second before more than five times. I'm hoping to find something soon.


I saw two of them. They were coming back from the way I had come, carrying those flowers I had seen when the demon died. I climbed into a tree, where I now sit still, and watched them. It was curious. Both Wolf-Eaters stopped in a clearing and thorny vines crawled from each side to them. The demons laid the flowers on the ground and grabbed the vines, wrapping them about their wrists. The vines tightened and the demons let out a great roar, soon starting to bleed. The vines soon receded and the Tam-Rek bled over the flowers. They licked their wrists and the wounds sealed, and during this time the flowers had turned into something that looked like blackish-red partly coagulated blood. It still sits there, but the other demons have gone. I'll write more later.


I saw the puddle moving, and quickly returned to my tree. After two hours it had formed itself into another demon, like the one had fallen. It stood and looked around sniffing, and that brings us to where I am now. It sees me! It's coming this way. I have to run. (There are several ink splotches, probably caused by the jump from the tree.)

I'm writing now only minutes after the demon saw me. I ran as fast as I could. I'm hiding now but I still hear it. Hopefully I'll survive to escape and tell of what I've seen. But it's getting closer and I'm afraid I may be in dan- (The letters stop in a line and blood is splattered on the half-filled page. This is believed to be the same day he died.)"

This journal is kept in the Ximaxian library, in the Demonology section. Return to the top

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