Taurians are gigantic beasts of myth and legend, having on the one hand the head and feet of a bull and on the other hand the form of a humanoid body. They are mainly known in Northern Sarvonian lands, namely at locations like the Celeste Mountains, where the Kuglimz of this area can tell a lot of stories about these fierce beasts.

Appearance. Taurians are usually pictured as standing four to five peds tall, with a torso and arms that appear human and of hulking muscle mass, but the head and legs are nothing like that of humans. The head is bull-like with thick hair and two horns on top of the head, with sharp teeth for ripping and shredding meat. The legs also seem like that of a bull, with the muscular and strong jointed legs similar to their bullish brethren, and cloven hooves covered in the same thick hair as the head.

A Taurian
View picture in full size Image description. A well known figure of myth in Northern Sarvonian lands, especially the region around the Celeste Mountains: the Taurian. Illustration drawn by Seeker.

In most depictions they are very vicious and imposing figures, with eyes that gleam a threatening red and nostrils usually snorting steam as they are ready to charge. All depictions show them with what appears to be extensive tattooing over their chests, though these might just be birthmarks. Some frescoes depict these beasts wearing no clothing (especially near volcanoes), but other battle-oriented diptychs show these beasts in armor. Some depictions show the Taurian also wearing things from loincloths to elaborate outfits, but it varies far too much to create a substantial theory. Weapons are not needed by these beasts as their strength seems overwhelming, but if supplied with them, they would probably use basic weapons such as clubs and swords. Return to the top

Special Abilities. From all of the stories and pictures it seems that the Taurians don't have much special about them, aside from their odd appearance. However, if you look hard enough you'll find tales about the great stamina of the Taurians, who would charge through battle pouring blood and mowing down those in their path. There are also obscure fables of how the Taurians would live among the heat and fire of places such as volcanoes without even a hair being burnt. Their best known abilities are those of unbelievable strength and courage, doing as commanded without faltering even in the face of death. Though these can be disputed; as some believe these creatures are nothing more than distorted freaks of nature with only instinct to guide them.

They have no special technical skill or fighting style other than their murderous and rage-filled instinct.
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Territory. According to myth, Taurians lived on, and possibly in, volcanoes at former times. Aside from that, there are also tales of them being captured and taken into slavery. They were said to be very loyal after training, and would go wherever their master told them to. Nearly every region in Northern Sarvonia, has some myth or old wives' tale about Taurians, or at least things that sound similar to them. This is especially true at the region around the Celeste Mountains.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Most tales tell of wild Taurians' bestial tendencies. They would fight for dominance over packs, much like wolves, sometimes butting heads in a contest of stamina, or wrestling in a contest of strength. As servants they were said to be loyal, and in battle unwavering, but their most widely recognized behavior is their rage. Almost all myths and depictions involving Taurians in battle show them with murderous red eyes, charging and slaughtering people without mercy, driven into a blind rage by one thing or another. This has, undoubtedly, heightened the view of them as barbarians and beastly animals.
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Diet. Taurians are said to eat only one thing, and that is meat. It is said they would scour the foothills of volcanoes and snatch up little furry critters, ripping them apart viciously with tooth and claw, shredding and swallowing what raw meat they could find. On top of that there are also tales of Taurians feasting on human meat, scooping people up in battle and simply sinking their teeth into human flesh, or gathering up what living people there were afterwards and consuming them. This also led to many being sculpted and painted with skulls hanging from their belts when going into battle. Whether they actually did this or not in ancient times, is impossible to say.
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A Taurian
View picture in full size Image description. The Taurian, a gigantic and fierce beast of Kuglimz legend. Illustration drawn by Faugar.

Mating. There are very few fables involving Taurian mating; some contest that females do not exist, as stories and images of female Taurians are few and far between. The majority of Taurian mating tales tell of how the beasts would pillage villages after battle and rape the women, creating deformed still-born children. There are a few obscure myths, however, of how Taurians are made. It is said they burst forth fully grown from volcanic boulders, coming from the mix of Earth and Fire that characterizes their physical prowess and their short temper. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. Myths and depictions of Taurians are numerous, if you look in the right place. It would take years to write them all down, but there are a few excerpts that paint an excellent picture of Taurians.

One is the myth of the Battle of Terrin Mount, a great volcano now said to be under the seas. It tells of how a powerful warlord is overthrown by a soldier with vicious Taurian mercenaries rented to him by a friend. The battle was said to be fierce, a dozen enraged Taurians against an army. It tells of how they cut a bloody swath through the army and breaking down a section of the powerful fortress wall with their raw unbridled strength. There is a painting called "The Lord of Terrin" which shows an astounding example of a Taurian raising up the head of a man, supposedly the warlord, who ruled the fortress on Terrin Mount, on a spear.

There is also the popular myth of Grrikek, a unique Taurian who managed to unite several packs and claim a volcano and the surrounding land for himself, actually subjugating villages of humans and using them as slaves. Most consider that myth, however, completely implausible, though still a joy to listen to, especially when the humans rise up against the Taurians and take back their land.

The majority of myths, however, paint the Taurians as barbaric, cruel, and stupid, or let's say: very simple-minded.
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