Appearance. The Tyrscaru, or Sea-lily, is a plant that grows and floats in colder waters. This plant is extremely important to the human tribe of the Kasumarii of Cyhalloi, as it was the first poison-producer of which they mastered the use.

The Tyrscaru appears above water as several white blossoms surrounded by leaves and green air bladders, with strands of the plant reaching down into the water. The bladders, when crushed, release a green cloud of what appears to be dye. This substance is actually a dangerous poison, which can sink through the skin, into the bloodstream, and from there works its way into the nervous system, causing (from small to large dosages) from a mild slowing of reflexes to paralysis to death. It is thought that this is a defensive measure to stop fish from eating the bladders and sinking the plant. Fish have in general learned not to eat these, and if they do eat part of the plant, it is the weblike root system. This system is capable of drawing nutrients from the water, but to get the minerals necessary to reproduce it must reach the ocean floor.
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Territory. Tyscaru grow best in the colder waters around Cyhalloi, but some have been seen off Northern Sarvonia, and some have even been sighted near Santharian shores. The Tyscaru grows from the ocean surface down, and only once the roots reach the ocean floor does the plant reproduce. This also results in a horrific webbing system of roots which can impede shipping. It also produces a greyish fruit when ripe that the Kasumarii have called "Tscio-an", which has fairly good nutritional value and not much else. The fruit will drift on the waves for about two weeks before beginning to grow. Return to the top

Usages. As the bladder's "cloud" is only dangerous when exposed to water, the Kasumarii use this plant's air bladders, carefully harvested, as "passive" poisonous substances. The fruit is often eaten by the Stormsons of Tscioaru as a good food source while at sea. It is a saying in Kasumarii society that "even orcs have a use", and this plant's web of roots happens to have its own sunny side. If sailors can avoid getting trapped in its net, the roots can be used as a rope of sorts.
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Myth/Lore. This plant, according to Kasumarii lore, was the first plant Tyrajall Greendeath learned to use as a poison and was named in part for her.
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The following is the story, taken directly from the Master Assassins' teachings. Tyrajall had been a healer in her particular encampment before she had joined Kasumar's group. She noticed that some of the Kasumarii (as the young leader's band had taken to calling themselves) who had been playing a "war game" as they called it had fallen ill and had died a short time afterwards. The game consisted of throwing the air bladders of a floating plant at one another and attempting to dodge as many as possible. The crushed bladders would leave a greenish stain on wet clothing, and as such it was easy to tell who had been hit. These were the ones who fell ill. Tyrajall put two and two together. As she patiently explained to the incredulous group, the bladders released a poison when crushed to stop fish from eating them and sinking the plant. This poison was useless in air, but mixed with water could kill! The plant was dubbed "Tyrscaru", in the name of the Sea God and in honour of the first of the Clerics of Green Death. Return to the top

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