Description. All undead creatures have their source in dead bodies, may they be of elven, human nature or e.g. of an animal. The scholars see in them the shattered and tortured souls of the dead people that have returned to their shattered bodies to haunt the world of Caelereth again with their terrifying appearance. The undead seem to be only driven by the sheer wish to exist, to live without any concept behind this in their destroyed brains. They only bear a natural thirst to living beings - and especially blood - following the irrational hope that by killing and consuming the living flesh they migh be alive again but without a source to power their will to keep the body together they simply fall to dust again.

The lore about these creatures is the realm of the
necromantic arts. Not only have human and dark elven mages found out how to revive the broken bodies of the dead but also to give them back enough consciousness to move on their own and to control these simplest of all minds to follow their rule.
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Overview. The known undead creatures are as follows:

The LIch

The desire for prolonged or even eternal life has occupied the minds of many a magician. It has inspired, ruined or even utterly destroyed most of those who attempted to fulfill it as they as they tried all kinds of means to get just a step closer to the revelation of the mystery of life itself and use that knowledge for their own purposes. Well, undeniably there have been successes in the field, yet they come with a price: Through a mixture of arcane necromantic rituals, enhanced by dabblings in witchcraft, shamanism and mysticism, truly powerful spellcasters indeed are known to have accomplished that very goal they've been striving for - and turned themselves into a creature that is magically kept alive: a Lich (Styrásh "Mésh'del'aéy", short for "móh éseh'delaéy", lit. "Dark False-Mage").

This can happen by unnaturally prolonging the lifespan and slowly turning undead or after being resurrected through magical intervention by an artifact's power. Then, unlike other undead creatures, which are often just animated beings serving the will of others, Liches represent a form of a living corpse capable of sustaining themselves in their undead state. Possessing a twisted, but sound magician's mind, they are aware of the source which prolongs their existence, and thus can protect it. Furthermore they can learn, improve and still cast powerful magic. Often Liches are seen as commanders of other undead creatures and the only way to annihilate them is to target the magical source keeping them in this unholy corporeal limbo between life and death. Return to the top


The Mephguór

The Mephguóurs (Styrásh Mephguóur, lit. "devoured by hellfire") are lesser kinds of demons, also called man-demons. They are in fact living people, who were magically transformed. They appear in the typical form of men with reddish skin, which is either glowing or in some cases even burning unceasingly, depending on the general alignment of the person before the spell of transformation was cast upon it.

Such demons were mainly used in ancient times by dark sorcerers as guidance for more powerful creatures conjured directly from the depths of hell in order to fulfill the evil purposes assigned to them by the mages. Mephguóurs were a common sight during the War of the Chosen and because they seldom could be spotted alone in open field their appearance usually indicated that greater demons or even whole armies of undead warriors were following. Return to the top


The Netherbeast is said to be one of the most horrifying and bloodthirsty fiends ever to walk the face of Caelereth. Demonologists say that these wretched creatures were summoned and brought to life through magical means thousands of years ago from the depths of the Netherworlds to wreak untold destruction. These beasts may vary completely in appearance, ranging from spider-like forms with human skulls to mighty horned skeletons or slimy, toxic creatures resembling crawling brains and rumored to possess magical abilities never dreamed of. Some demonologists say that the Netherbeast is a vile combination of corpses and bodily parts of other Netherworld creatures. There are some accounts that the bite or wound made by a Netherbeast can turn its victim into a Netherbeast themselves. This may explain how these creatures reproduce. Regardless, it is generally agreed by most scholars that the Mists of Osthemangar in Northern Sarvonia have a fairly high concentration of Netherbeasts stalking about within.
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The Móh-Mélor (Styrásh
Móh-Mélor), literally meaning "dark shadow", though more commonly known as the Wraith, is an unseen demon that inhabits empty space, including even the smallest cracks in buildings and ground. These demons have the ability to pass right through any physical or mental substance, and are a parasitic beings. Though rare in any place other than the Netherworlds, when taking manifest upon the realm of mortals, the most common thing for the Wraith to do is seek out the nearest person and possess them.

Wraith is thought to be a variety of the mystran shadow spirit. However, it is less influencal and less powerful than the mystran, but, unlike its elder "brother", it is silent and unseen, and no one knows when they have been possessed, while the mystran is often fought back against because its dominating presence is known to the victim. While the mystran also exerts complete control over the host, the Waith does not.
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The Zombii

These decomposing monsters (also refered to as Zombies, the Living Dead, Undead, Walking Corpses or the Resurrected) are often brought to life via a magical incantation. They are difficult to destroy, as these corpses refuse to let go of living as easily as they had in their previous existence. They are emotionless, mindless and malleable; and can continue their tasks without arms, legs, or even heads. Unfortunately, to sustain a zombii, one must breach the code of ethics; these beasts feed upon the flesh of their living brethren.
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