Appearance. Venazla (or Sand Demons) are small creatures who are just masses of muscle, fur, and teeth. They are balls which would probably fit in the cupped hands of a normal human man. Though under their thick layer of fur there are arms and legs somewhere. They are powerful too, because they can jump easily, thanks to their abundant muscles. There are also two eyes, which burn red with hatred and hunger for flesh. Truly demonic creatures, they also let out a screeching yell when they attack. Their formal name, Venazla, comes from this very sound of the screech they make. It sounds more strangled and high-pitched, sounding like "vEnAzzlaaa!". Since they seem to pop up out of the sand from no where they have been nicknamed Sand Demons.

Venazla also have a very visible mouth, which is filled with razor sharp teeth, and small, but very strong arms and short legs. A Venazla was once captured. It was sealed in a box by some means and starved it to death. The man who caught the beast opened the box and took out the dead creature. Shaving its hair off he found the glowing red eyes and mouth of razor teeth as he'd expected, but also two legs, which looked like long thumbs, and two short arms with one, sharp, digging claw at the end of each. The man also attempted to dissect the creature, but it is said that as soon as the knife punctured the skin the Sand Demon disintegrated into just that: sand.
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Special Abilities
. Venazla don't have much of anything special to them, unlike most other demons, but they do have a few things which are helpful. They can burrow through the ground at incredible speeds, sense vibrations and jump very high. Aside from that, their razor sharp teeth are perfect for stripping flesh from bones within seconds.
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. The Venazla are found in the Hol'Dispor, or Desert of the Lost, on the island of Denilou, living under the ground and moving swiftly through the quick sand with their short but powerful legs and strong, but small arms. It is also believed they have large nests deep underground but no one has ever been able to find any of them.
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. A taste for flesh of any kind, human or otherwise, never gets satisfied much out in a desert. They hunt in packs, as they are small, but Sand Demons are very dangerous creatures. They go after vibrations in the ground, like serpents or the bloodworm, because they have no ears. The hair on their bodies is very sensitive and picks up the slightest vibrations, thus guiding them.
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Diet. Flesh. Human, elven, dwarven, impish, animal flesh, anything fleshy - it doesn't matter. These things will eat any sort of meat that they can find, though they never eat anything which is usually carried as supplies by travellers, but eat only what is fresh, straight off the bones. They also feast on organs like the stomach, heart, brain, liver, and everything else inside the body. The only evidence left that they ate anything at all are the bones.
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. Like most demons Sand Demons do not truly breed. They are said that they were initially spawned from the flesh of a rotting corpse of a sentient species who died in the desert. Whether it was human, elven, dwarven, orcish or any other thinking race is unknown. Even today tales tell that any who rot in the Desert of the Lost will spawn a new Sand Demon. Since the time of first encounters the number of Venazla in the Hol'Dispor has grown. They are now a great threat. However, since their numbers have grown, very little flesh rots, as it is usually eaten by them.
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