Wargs are dark creatures that once served during the War of the Chosen as messengers and steed for orcs in the service of black mages. They have long received a bad reputation and were slowly driven out of South Sarvonia after the war. They appear to be just beasts of unjust creation or magical experimentation and are viewed as the creatures that obey all commands. They are not. This beast is a rather intelligent creature and only follows the orders of others when the mood suits it. Even though they served mostly as mounts and messengers, they still found a share of battle and proved themselves able to think in difficult situations. These fierce creatures are unlike other animals when fighting in packs or on their own, their intelligence is slightly frightening. A main difference between Wargs in the wild and ones brought up by orcs is their ability to think on their own. Wargs raised by orcs rely less on themselves for survival and more on their masters, so their potential intelligence doesn't fully develop.

The Wargs
View picture in full size Image description. The deadly Wargs, used as messengers and steeds during the War of the Chosen. Picture drawn by Sheil.

Appearance. Wargs are similar to typical wolves in appearance, the main exception being in their size and snout area. The largest and most well known Warg was Vackra the Black. She stood at 2 peds in height and 3 peds in length. The beast was eventually slain by a man of the barbarian Seigen tribe of the Mynian plains in Northern Sarvonia. Most Wargs however are an average 1.3 peds in height and 2 peds in length not counting their bristling tail, which adds another two fores. The mysterious creature is said to weigh almost seven pygges. Compared to a typical wolf a Warg's snout looks a little odd on its face, as it seems too big for the rest of the head. It is filled with large razor sharp teeth. At the end of the snout a pointed nose is placed - similar to that of a rat - which gives this beast an incredible sense of smell.

Wargs are a fairly muscular beast, larger than the largest of its so-call cousin, the wolf, but not so bulky as to become a hindrance. Under the masses of muscle this animal is surprisingly fleet, this is due to its long legs and some say partly to the dark magic that was said to create them. Wargs are covered with medium length coarse black and gray hair. Furthermore they have black-flecked yellow eyes that show a feral intelligence. In general females are a little larger than the males, and tend to be more vicious if that is possible. Their colouring also tends to lean more towards darker gray and mostly black.

The Ehebion Warg is slightly bigger and more vicious than its Prominent Mountain dwelling counterpart. The coarse fur of this larger beast is a darker black and its eyes more of a golden. The Ehebion Wargs are not as bulky as they are often being attacked by hunting hounds specially breed to track this dark beast. These Wargs will usually fight unless they are greatly outnumbered, then their slimmer forms come into action as they escape their aggressors.
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Special Abilities. Wargs have a highly perceptive sense of smell; once it has caught its prey’s scent it can follow it anywhere. Even if the prey crosses streams or rivers, it cannot throw the Warg off of its trail. Wargs would follow their prey to the ends of the land, if their endurance did not first wear down the creature. Either by some magical means or just the qualities of their mysterious race, Wargs have an endurance that could rival the fleetest of its cousins. They can keep a trot for days if it is in the pursuit of their next meal. Along with this, the Warg is highly intelligent for an animal. It is thought that they have a language of their own, though what it may be, only the orcs and goblins of the Skeleton Coast know.
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Territory. Wargs were first recorded during the War of the Chosen, whether they were the result of some magical experiment with wolves or whether they were around before then is unknown. During that time though, they were used as messengers and steeds for orcs in the service of black mages throughout the Sarvonian continent. With the end of the war, they were slowly driven from Southern Sarvonia. Now they only range from the northern foothills of the Mountains of Oro to the Eastern Peaks of the Prominent Mountains. It is also reported that they can be found in the shadow realm of Ehebion in Nybelmar.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Wargs prefer to live in hilly or mountainous areas, as this allows them to better blend in with their surroundings and gives them better success in hunting. They also reside in the swampy areas along the Skeleton Coast, as the large decaying brush gives them ample amounts of cover. Wargs left by themselves live in packs of ten to fifteen. Females rule the pack structure, and the largest, most vicious female rules the entire pack.

The orcs of North Sarvonia are the only known beings that have tamed the Warg permanently. Over the years the relationship between Wargs and orcs has grown. Most families have their own personal pack of Wargs, males as the steed and females as pack animals. The Wargs help hunting the food and the orcs provide them with warmth and protection. The bond between an orc and Warg is so great that be beast would follow his master anywhere without a second thought. The only downfall of this is that the beast's intelligence is not near as developed as the creatures of this breed that live in the wild. They rely on the orcs to lead them more than often for everything from warmth to survival most of the time. Theses animals are still good war mounts but they tend to just follow orders during battle. Wargs that have been integrated into orcish society were forced into packs of forty to fifty. At times the great beasts would find something to fight about in their close conditions. This resulted in one or more of the Wargs dying within moments, and most of the pack injured.
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Mating. The mating season for Wargs is during the fourth month of the Santharian Calendar, the Month of the Changing Winds. The males try to assert themselves on the females, however being smaller and naturally less aggressive; their efforts are usually in vain. Many a male comes away from the experience not only frustrated but injured as well. It is the male that can bring the most prey to the female that is allowed to impregnate her. However, after the process of mating, the female Warg then proceeds to attack the male to reinforce her dominance. After a period of two months, the female Wargs give birth to a litter of four to six pups. Neither the female nor male Wargs take care of the pups after birth. Instead they must learn to survive on their own and be a contributing member of the pack within a short time; otherwise it is simply killed so as not to keep a useless mouth to feed around.
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Usages. In the shadow realm of Ehebion Wargs walk the land. Murmillion commoners often send young boys out to hunt and eat a Warg as a rite of passing into adulthood. And the nobility have turned Warg hunting into a sport and in time perfected the fine cuisine from the Warg meat. The fur of a Warg might also be used in various clothing's or interior decorations. A Murmillion saying tells that "only the unworthy is eaten by the Warg."

According to F'ash the Archivist, the Rhom-Oc and Losh-Oc of the Oro and Tandala Mountain regions make a horrifically odourific and rubbery 'cheese' from the milch of their female Wargs. The thought of milking a savage wolf-like creature and consuming the result causes many to shudder, but it was a prized delicacy among those orc tribes.
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