Not especially nice and very competitive the Wild Pig is a dangerous little animal. Covering the world over is this species of nasty little critters, tusked and ill-tempered, they aren't going to like the friendly researcher. They are quite tasty though.

Appearance. Depending on where they live lies in how thick their fur is, which is usually a shade of black or brown. Wild Pigs have twin tusks which average at about 1/2 fore in length which are used for impaling or hitting or just to sit there and look threatening. The Pig is about 1 ped in length and 1/2 a ped from ground to back on all fours. It has four legs and hooves with a swishing, thin tail. Wild Pigs tend to be a bit fat and bulky making them very economical for eating. Their eyes, usually black, are sunk into their head giving them a rather large blind spots on both sides. Return to the top

Special Abilities. The Wild Pig is a fast creature, slower than a horse but it would not have any problem running an elf into the ground. They are also very strong. In a full charge at top speed a strong boar is capable of plowing through the wall of normal, non brick, house. Another special ability which is probably not very fun for the pigs is their inherent taste and plentifulness. Return to the top

Territory.  Wild pigs cover most of Sarvonia with the exception of the deserts. They usually congregate more in places with many trees although a few can be seen on plains.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Wild pigs are protective, unafraid, and extremely competitive. Wild pigs are the leading cause of death among Wild Pigs (although humans are climbing), with them fighting each other over mates, or food, or just because a good brawl helps fight off the cold. A Pig will, needless to say, fight at the drop of the proverbial hat. Despite all this fighting though, Pigs are pack animals and live in groups of ten to twenty Pigs although they often seek to gain more advantages for themselves than for the group.
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Diet. Wild Pigs eat grass, berries, flowers, and that sort of thing. They eat quite a lot but there is plenty to go around, the Pigs don't think there is but Pigs aren't especially smart.
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Mating. When Pigs mate, they mate for life. They usually have two litters a year which finish maturing within four months. Males usually fight for a mate. Initially, many Pig fatalities originate from these battles. If a Pig loses it's mate it will never mate again.
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Usages. Hunting Wild Pig is a common practice. Often times teams of up to hundreds of men will all crash into a forest and decrease the Pig population. This is done because Pigs are not only relatively tasty meat but also because it is cheap. Pigs are almost everywhere and there is enough meat on them that a small family can easily live off of killing two Wild Pigs a month with no difficulty. Pig hunting has grown so much that it is often done for fun instead of necessity angering some townsfolk who respect the beast. Many families have gone to capturing these beasts and raising them from youth to create a domestic stock, they tend to taste more leathery than the normal kind but are much easier to catch.
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