Appearance. Wizardleaf is not particularly interesting to look at, little more than four jagged leaves arranged around a violet blossom. However, when the plant is subjected to magical scrutiny, it tells a very different story. Each of the four leaves draws nutrients directly from the surrounding elements, and they change color depending on the nearest element. Return to the top

Territory. Wizardleaf grows wherever an element or magical power is particularly present. It has been known to grow in the deepest caves, in the driest deserts, on uncharted islands, and in some of the elven forests, most notably the Thaelon - the ground of great parts of the forest is covered with a carpet of this most intriguing plant. Wizardleaves are also known for marking the graves of wizards; the more powerful the wizard, the longer the energies left on this mortal coil sustain the plants.
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Usages. Wizardleaf has two distinct magical uses. When the leaves are burnt, the resulting sweet-smelling smoke can be manipulated to perform one of the most powerful gifts of the magi: Transmutation. The smoke, if properly manipulated, can be made solid, into blades or tools of the element the Wizardleaf last absorbed. When the blossom is crushed, the resulting powder can absorb or twist magical energies. The sorcerous discipline of Illusionism is very dependend on Wizardleaf as a source of power, and as such vast tracts of the leaf are believed tended by the Illusionists.
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Myth/Lore. The leaf is believed created by the rare team of the Birni Redbark Greenflower and one of the Founding Magi of Ximax, Dornaj the Enchanter. How these  two met, the histories do not say. However, Dornaj and Greenflower both recognized the lack of ingredients for a wizard in the wild, or indeed any fusions of life and "New" magic, as Greenflower so aptly put it. Seeing both a challenge and a need to help their brethren, the two decided on their ambitious course: To create the fusion of magic and plant, capable of survival unassisted, and with sorcerous energies fueling it. After a toil of several years, they suceeded, and this staple of the magical community was created. Popular lore also has it that Greenflower placed her own soul into the final effort, and that if the smoke is inhaled you may taste of her wisdom and knowledge. The Ximaxian Conclave has ruled inhalation of the smoke to be "non-threatening, but not an approved action." [1]
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[1] The chronicler here notes that the Conclave speaks very vaguely, being very conscious of the consequences of speaking wrongly. As a result, they end up saying nothing. Roughly translated, it means that since the smoke's inhalation may be arvious but not harmful, they do not approve. Meaning that they will crack down on any major illicit use of the plant, but they will usually do no more than cut off the mage in question's supply. [return]

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