The Wolverine (or Kinnvi, also called Lesser Wolverine in comparison to the Great Wolverine) is a large powerful animal just like its larger relative. It is covered in grey silky fur that is very soothing to stroke. However, donít let its warm comfortable fur fool you, this is one vicious animal. Wolverines are very territorial and can be almost as tall as most humans if standing on its hind legs. The largest Wolverine ever encountered was measured at close to 2 peds and 2 fores.

Appearance. The Wolverine is quite large weighing close to 4 hebs at the most. The females are lighter than the males at about 3 hebs if not less. The size of the Wolverine varies between male and female. Most males average around 2 peds, females are usually closer to 1 ped and 2 fores. The fur of Wolverines also varies from males to females, the males have a darker tone of grey and the females have a lighter one, nearly white.

The Wolverine's jaws are massive and can crush a manís bones with a single bite. Their humungous jaws are filled with razor sharp teeth that easily tear apart its food.

The Wolverine's tail usually extends its length from 2 peds to 2 peds and 1 or 2 fores for the males and from 1 ped and 2 fores to 2 peds for the females.

When their young babies are born they have no fur for about 1 week. During this time the mother keeps them extremely warm by concealing them in her large pouch on her belly that can hold the entire litter of pups. After about a week they develop fur which is snow white. The females' fur stays white and only slowly goes to the light shade of grey the females have. By one month the baby males' fur is darker than the motherís.
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Special Abilities. The Wolverine has a very sensitive sense of smell and can catch the scent of its prey from very far distances. Depending on how determined the Wolverine is on catching the prey the beast will determine how long it will pursue. It is nearly impossible to lose a Wolverine off of your trail, your only real hope is the Wolverine gives up.

The Wolverines fur never "ices" up which makes it ideal for the cold climate that it lives in. The fur keeps the Wolverine extremely warm no matter what because the cold never really effects the fur.
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Territory. The wolverine is very protective over their territory. When the pack of Wolverines find their land they all divide up the land and protect it from all trespassers. Wolverines can live in nearly ever climate, prefering cooler climates rather than hot plains and do not live in deserts. They live in mountains and have been see often in the icelands of Aeh'Os'th'er'oc in Northern Sarvonia. The Wolverines are not usually bothered because of their tremendously cold climate but do not take kindly to unwelcome guests.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Wolverines travel in packs of between 10 and 16. They have a mate selected and the male and female care for each other. When the pack finds a home to dwell they divide the land up into areas. The larger areas go to the "leader" of the pack. The leader also receives areas nearer to the centre of the territory. If there are arguments among each other they fight! They usually fight to the death as Wolverines are quite ruthless, at least twice a year another Wolverine will challenge the leader for his leadership.
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Diet. The Wolverines eat meat. They hunt for their prey using their extremely incredible sense of smell. The males are the hunters while the females remain at home and tend to the young ones. Wolverines desire small prey most and rarely hunt anything that is half the size of itself. The Lesser Wolverines enjoy hunting goats, mainly the goat native to the Icelands of Aeh'Os'th'er'oc the hynde. Although the hynde is larger than these Wolverines, the Wolverine is much stronger and the hynde is little match for one Wolverine alone, never mind 2 or 3 of these beasts as they hunt in packs of 2 or 3.
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Mating. Mating season usually lasts for the first month of the summer. The male is the aggressor and initiates the impregnation. The females are usually very submissive to the more dominant males. In roughly 2 to 3 months the female gives birth to between 3 to 6 pups. When they are born they have very little fur and are kept very warm by both of their parents. They can see and walk but do neither until they are a week old when they have developed enough fur to survive in the cold. Usually only 2 to 4 of the pups survive the other often die soon due to the cold weather. The surviving ones are taken care of very carefully until they reach roughly a month of age by the mother, then they are expected to contribute to the pack, if not they are left behind to die.
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Usages. If you manage to kill a Wolverine (which is no easy task) their fur makes fantastic fur coats that keep the one who wears it incredibly warm. Also the meat can be used to eat, but it is recommended that you only eat their meat if you're desperate, as the Wolverines of the rest of the pack will smell the blood of the fallen member of the pack and come after you, avenging the death. Also the meat doesn't taste that great either. 
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