The Feathered Wyvern is a constantly hungry and - as often interpreted - a quite stupid minor drake. Covered in black and white feathers on a typical "drakish" body, it possesses four 0.3 peds long claws on each of its feet and arms. About its hunger, it is said to eat everything with legs on, except tables. But, this has proven to be a superstition, as upon a couple of times, it took a long dinner table along with a local.

The Feathered Wyvern

View picture in full size  Picture description. Representation of a Feathered Wyvern, a character from one of Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations. Image drawn by Sheil.

Appearance. The Feathered Wyvern male is about 4 peds long, from nose to tail, and 6 peds broad when flying. The body itself is a bit less than 1 ped broad, protected by thick ribs and a scaled skin under the feathers. The black and white feathers are about the length of the underarm of a grown man, and they gleam like polished metal in the sun. The legs are nearly 1.5 peds, muscular from carrying its victims to its nest. The 0.3 peds long claws are curved, and thick, with a sharp pint and cutting edge. The headís shape is related to lizards, with a broad mouth and lots of sharp teeth. The yellow eyes got an oval black center, and got that "stupid-but-enraged" look most of the time. Return to the top

Special Abilities. Feathered Wyverns are strong, fast and agile. And instead of being smart, they even it out with being vicious. Return to the top

Territory. The Feathered Wyverns live mostly in the Zeiphyrian Forests and the Quallian Forest where they build their nest, but some of these Wyverns live in other places in Southern Sarvonia, and a couple of Wyverns live in the southern parts of Northern Sarvonia. All of these drakes come back to the Zeiphyr and the Quallian Forests to mate and hatch their eggs.
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Habitat/Behaviour. These Wyverns are quite aggressive, picking on everything the size of a meal. The only way to drive them away is to fend them off immediately, to fail in this endeavour will result in a fight to death.

Feathered Wyverns prefer to live by themselves, as males fight each other, and females will eat any male any time if the male is killed (except during mating season of course). Females don't fight themselves to the death. They will fight during mating season, though, in order to gain the attention of a male. Females also will not trust each other, and may even feast on each other's kids, for reasons one might call jealousy.
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Diet. Feathered Wyverns are predators who eat what they can get. Everything smaller, and in some cases, a bit larger is in their menu. They are nearly constantly hungry, which makes them quite dangerous, and eat both living and dead creatures. The males tend to be cannibalistic, which probably is the reason the females are larger and stronger then their male counterparts. Feathered Wyverns have no favorite food, but they prefer living meals.
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Mating. In the late winter, the females will search for the males in the Zeiphyr and the Quallian Forests. If two females find the same male, they will fight until one is driven away. The act itself is often performed in the air, and possible to see at winter. The male sometimes fall to the ground in exhaustion, which result in broken bones or death. After the act, if it didnít fall to the ground, it will quickly dive to the ground before the female realize it is done, and get the chance for a meal. 
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Myth/Lore. Feather Wyverns donít have any special myths associated with them. Their origin is also still unknown, but it is rumored they where created during the War of the Chosen among man other creatures, and that they were set free when their master died.
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