Common healing herb, also refered to as Meadow Hop, Military Herb or Staunchweed.

Appearance. This is a common herb that stands 23-28 cm tall. The stem is angular and rough with spear shaped leaves alternating laterally around it. These leaves are 11-17 cm long and 3 cm broad, clasping the stem at the base, the segments are very finely cut, giving the leaves a feathery appearance. The leaves and stem of the Yahrle give off a very pungent peppery smell. It flowers from late spring to early fall, with the blooms white or pale lilac. The petals being like minute blades, in flattened, loose heads. The whole plant is more or less hairy, with white, silky hairs pressed close to the stem and leaves. It spreads by their creeping roots or seeds dispersed by birds.
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Territory. The Yahrle can be found in various places throughout Sorren, mostly in sunny grassy areas like at the Aurora Fields or the Heath of Jernais in Santharia or the Wilshirer Heath in Northern Sarvonia. It will not grow in the desert or in excessively sandy areas.
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Usages. This Yahrle is used in the treatment of wounds or dispelling melancholy. The whole plant is harvested, dried and made into an ointment that is applied to a wound to stop any bleeding. The flower alone can be dried and one or two petals boiled in one or more liters of water. This tea is then drunk for dispelling melancholy. If this tea is too strong a person can become violently ill. It has the reputation also of being a preventative of baldness, if the head were washed with it, although this cannot be confirmed.
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Myth/Lore. It is said ny the elves that this is one of the herbs dedicated to Cor, in earlier days, being sometimes known as Cor's Nettle or Cor's Shadowing, and was used for divination in spells. It has also been used in folk superstitions. They swear, if ten grams of ground Yahrle sewn up in fine cloth, placed under the pillow before going to bed, having repeated the following words, brings a vision of the future husband or wife:

"Oh pretty herb of the meadow
reveal unto me while I sleep
my bosom friend I am to know
a life of joy on the morrow I reap"
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