These decomposing monsters (also refered to as Zombies, the Living Dead, Undead, Walking Corpses or the Resurrected) are often brought to life via a magical incantation. They are difficult to destroy, as these corpses refuse to let go of living as easily as they had in their previous existence. They are emotionless, mindless and malleable; and can continue their tasks without arms, legs, or even heads. Unfortunately, to sustain a zombii, one must breach the code of ethics; these beasts feed upon the flesh of their living brethren.

A Zombii

View picture in full size Picture description:  A zombii fighter, being resurrected from his grave. Pic drawn by Faugar.

Appearance. These creatures come in varied shapes and forms. As long as a corpse (ANY corpse, though flora is excluded) is buried within the earth, it can become a Zombii. It only requires the strength of a necromancer or a Quepruran cleric to give it the illusion of living. Zombii can be in any stage of decay; from the newly dead to skeletons, anything can be the tool of these crafty spellcasters. Return to the top

Special Abilities. Zombii are particulary hard to destroy. As they do not have control of their own cár'áll, they use the cár'áll borrowed from their caster. This allows them to exist as long as their caster does, no matter how decomposed, disfigured or dismembered their body becomes. Heads, arms and legs will continue to serve their master's purpose as long as they are capable. Skeleton zombii are the most difficult to destroy, as their joints allow easy disconnection and reconnection. A skeleton zombii can be decimated by the blow of a club, yet rise again, so long as no bones are broken. Several skeleton zombii can combine to make one large skeleton zombii, given their master has the skill to organize and control them in this fashion. (Un)fortunately, skeleton zombii are hard to create and take a lot of the caster's energy.

Zombii are capable of passing rotting toxins from their corporeal bodies through their bite. Those that survive a zombii attack suffer for weeks as they slowly die from the poison given through the Zombii bite. Though this illness is curable, it takes quite a bit of work to create the correct mixture of shrubs and plants.
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Territory. Zombii do not naturally occur. They are created by mages or clerics; The only place to find Zombii is where these casters have been or where they reside, which in general is not the funniest place to live in...
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Habitat/Behaviour. Zombii are not intelligent, and cannot express themselves. They no longer have any of the cár'áll the persons had during their lifetime, most of their memories and skills are wiped away. Some Zombii can have residual memories that allow them to do simple tasks; an undead soldier will vaguely remember how to wield a sword though not with as much prowess as he was once capable of. Some may return home if their master allows them to do so, and they can remember. Some Zombii can remember family, but only vaguely. And if they are hungry (which is very often), then they will not hesitate to consume even their former family and/or friends, as the hate for all things living is prevailing in these monsters. Zombii tend to take commands quite well, though they have no loyalty or opinion. Some believe Zombii do this simply to give their unlife some sort of purpose; as they had when alive. Return to the top

A Skeleton

View picture in full size Picture description:  A zombii in form of a resurrected skeleton. Pic drawn by Faugar.

Diet. Zombii may eat anything, but only the flesh of living creatures gives them the sustenance they need to continue existing in the living world. They have little or no regard for life; Zombii eat what they want and when they want, and have no manners. Return to the top

Mating. Zombii have no means of mating. They have no thought of reproducing, they only have the thought of sustaining their own morbid facsimile of life, then perhaps fulfilling their master's wishes if they have enough cár'áll to sustain a memory to remember why they were created. Though a bite to a living human can kill the person and eventually make it a zombii, the zombii has not the mental capacity to connect the two. Most often, zombii starve and die, or are destroyed before decomposition can destroy them naturally.
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Myth/Lore. Zombii are the henchmen of necromancers, first summoned during the War of the Chosen. As necromancers have few people that understand or tolerate them, they may create zombii to keep as pets or to do their bidding.
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Researchers. Several necromancers have studied Zombii, and discovered that some have residual memory of their former life. Some are capable of mirroring emotions, if their facial muscles are still intact. One researcher noted that a particular Zombii created by a high-level mage had not only a residual memory, but a small vocabulary as well. Granted he tended to repeat what was spoken to him and was treated with flesh when he did well, he was capable of using the familiar words in proper context.

Note: Given the nature of the Zombii, it is not wise to study these creatures unless one is well trained in necromancy or swordplay.
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