The Book of Aheh, also called The Book of the First One, has a place of considerable importance in Brownie beliefs. Respected by almost all Brownies, it is the centerpiece of stories told on The Rememberance, and is thus remembered everywhere that there are Brownies. Its entire text is also, along with other things, tattooed on the bodies of Brownie Shamans living in Akdor. The strange history of The Book of Aheh stretches back almost to the time of the dispersal of the Brownies people.

Sometime between the years of 3000 and 2500 b.S. the wandering band of Brownies that would later settle in the edges of the Etherial Void encountered a stranger, a human named Eissoss, that did not originate in Caelereth at all, but had stumbled from his own world through the Void into Caelereth.

This stranger was half dead. The Brownies tried to save him for weeks, but finally they failed. All during the time that they were fighting to save his life, in a croaking whisper he was also learning the Browniin language from them. In the last hours of his life, he wrote the Book of Aheh. He told them that it really should be longer, containing greater detail, but since he was out of time, he would place these details in the First One's hands, at the same time placing what little he could write in theirs.

A copy of the Book of Aheh has been made below this introduction. It is written in the original Browniin, and is seen to have been one of the main defining forces on the development of Browniin written language. Scholars of Browniin grammar, vocabulary, and usage, as well as those that wish to know more about the First One, will find this Book invaluable.

Below you can view the complete Book of Aheh written in the original Brownie tongue:


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