The Santharian Compendium (in newer editions also called "The Santharian Dream") is probably the most gigantic and comprehensive universal encyclopedia existing in our world. Information you can find in these massive tomes (10 at the moment) were and still are being gathered for future versions by the royal archivist Artimidor Federkiel (1593-) with the help of many of his scholars. It was finally published for the first time at the year 1660 after centuries of work, covering not only Santharian matters, but also comprises many details of the world of Caelereth as a whole everyone interested in profound knowledge, be it beasts, plants, history or philosophy shouldn't miss.

The Santharian Compendium

Description. The Santharian Compendium comprises a detailed glossary of all celebrities of Santharian lands as well as of all items, places, races, beasts, tribes, religious believes, artifacts etc. and tries to cover as well most things known of the whole world of Caelereth. Aside from the mentioned descriptions you'll also find a lot of historical and philosophical background or even essays to round up the picture of the world we're live in. Additionally the currently 10 existing tomes (more to follow!) are all enriched with many illustrations of artists (some black and white, others colored), extensive maps, accurate time tables, lots of historical narrations, myths and legends and even rune tables, vocabularies and  summaries on the principles of the elven and dwarven languages can be found in the Compendium.

Among the many co-workers of the aforementioned editor Artimidor you'll find such illustruous names among the contributers like e.g. the well-known artists Faugar or Quellion the mysterious traveller Koldar Mondrakken, the famous Bard Judith of Bardavos, the beautiful former Ylfferhim Leiás Wren or the strange and witty wizard Xarl Bluestride. There are so many contributers to the project that they can't be all named here, but the staff of permanent people supporting the project has reached already a very high count. Even more people hailing from Santharian provinces or even other continents come to share their knowledge with the "Dreamers" as the group around Artimidor is called by now by many enthusiastic readers.

The project of the Santharian Compendium was begun half a century ago
in the reign of King Mardan (1612), and has always remained the dream and brain-child of the now-famous scholar Artimidor Federkiel of New-Santhala. His vision of a vast compendium of knowledge which all seekers after truth could access, containing tome upon tome and picture upon picture of the marvels of the United Kingdom, has grown like a mil'no plant to cover not only the realms of Santharia but the entire continent of Sarvonia; indeed, contemporary scholars are even now taking ship for the unknown shores of Nybelmar and Aeruillin in hopes of expanding the Compendium even farther.

A glance at the Compendium Library

View picture in full size Picture description. A glance at the Compendium Library. Image by Seeker.

The Compendium was published for the first time in 1660 and has become very popular since this date, though Artimidor and his staff still don't consider it finished, quite to the contrary: The sage saw the initial success as an incentive to dig even deeper in facts, legends and myths and will release further editions supposedly every 3 years.

Though the project from the beginng was called "The Santharian Compendium",
Artimidor decided to rename the most recent edition to "The Santharian Dream", which is not only a tad more poetic, but also reflects his own personal vision and on the other hand represents a tribute to the elven religion as well as the essential role the elves have always played in Santharia. The new title therefore is also a title in the spirit of the Tethías'quarón, the legendary Oath of the Young of 501 b.S. sealing the bond of everlasting friendship between humans and elves.

The Santharian Dream, as a living project and idea, still
welcomes artists, writers, scholars, researchers, seekers after knowledge who would become wiser than they are. So if you think you can contribute to this vast endeavour, take quill in hand, come, join the vision... the tome of Caelereth lies open before you. Return to the top

Importance. Eventually this vast Dream may contain the entire accreted information of the sentient world of Caelereth; its history, its literature, its art, its geography, flora, fauna, songs, beliefs, and alcoholic beverages! Truly a philosopher's delight and a priestess's rapture, the stuff to feed poets' imagination and the food of the wise, the Santharian Dream grows ever wider and ever more beautiful. Today the Compendium has already become an indispensable source for everyone interested in Santharia and world matters in general. If you don't have the tomes already standing on your shelf, get the latest edition and experience weeks and months of adventure and wisdom!
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