Rafal posing on top of a mountain.

I'm born in Poland, currently a student of Biomechanics in Holland. My urge for drawing was first discovered at an early age when I was using crayons on the wall behind my bed. Since then I haven't been doing much graffiti work, but have instead dedicated my time to pencil and paper. Most of my color works date from 2000 and later, when after some experimenting with acrylics, I decided to settle for a drawing tablet and my PC.

My affection for fantasy and sci-fi is clearly visible in most of my work, as one of my other hobbies is reading books and short stories, as well as playing (roleplaying) games of most genres.

Aside from participating in the Santharian project I also has done many illustrations for various clients - mostly Fantasy/SF related, among them the "Call of the Warlords" and the "Quest of Ages" game - check them out! Currently I'm also working on improving my photographic skills. I wish I would have more time to draw, read, hike, photograph and study...

In April 2000 I became part of the Santharian Dream, where I concentrate on illustrating Compendium entries mainly for the Bestiary and the People section. Examples of pictures I've done for Santharia can be found below.

Faugar's Portfolio

All artwork copyright by Faugar (Rafal Hrynkiewicz). All rights reserved.

I have worked for various clients, and all of them have been very satisfied with both the quality of my work as well as my punctuality and speed. If you would like to contact (some of) my previous clients - .

I have two preferred media - pencils (from B to 6B) and digital (Wacom A3 tablet and Painter). I also have done some acrylic and watercolor paintings in the past, but rarely have time and money for those these days.

Here is a list of what I have worked on so far:

- Illustrations for Fantasy oriented (online) games,
- Story illustrations,
- Fantasy and SciFi characters portraits,
- Logo and letter design,
- Graphic User Interface (GUI) design for a computer game,
- Tatoo design.

If you would like to contact me regarding a possible commissioned work, discuss the terms etc. - e-mail me with details - I answer as fast as possible. You can reach me through this address: .

Interested in commissioning artwork? Check out my homepage:

Visit the McF-AsyluM, Faugar's domain