Are you looking for a portrait for your role playing character? Bestiary or plants pics for your own fantasy world you're designing? Atmospheric landscape pictures for games you're developing? Need a graphical game interface or icons to be drawn by a professional? Or would you like to commission a song or two or even complete fantasy related soundtracks? - Look above and choose one of the artists mentioned: Example pics to view and songs to download as well as additional details on how to commission works from Santharian artists can be found on these pages!

Indeed, the endeavour of the Santharian Dream to succeed in creating the perfect fantasy world in the style of J.R.R. Tolkien has not been an easy task. It has only been possible due to the support of many artists, writers and general world developers from all over the world, working together on a project never seen before.

Among the many people who helped to make Santharia thrive, we especially would like to thank our featured artists Faugar, Quellion and Ralrok for their dedicated work for Santharia, and would like to say "thank you" by presenting their artwork and music on these special pages to the general public. If you appreciate their stuff, feel free to commission works by these guys - they all have exceptional talent, ready to be used to realize your ideas;) So what are you waiting for? - Get your pics and songs... now!

Yours sincerely Santharian Webmaster