Dan aka Ralrok

Sound Wizard Dan and his magical instruments.

I was born in La Mesa (San Diego) California and flipped flopped between Wyoming and California for several years. I finally ended up in Palm Springs, California where I graduated HS and meandered through life at a self-serving pace, my years of rpg-ing a main inspiration for my music, art and writing. I'm still a kid at 33, smarter, stronger, faster but every bit as consistant with my interests. Fantasy was revealed to me at 10 when I entered my first AD&D campaign. From there interests warped into Dungeon Dweller/Grenadier collections, films related to swords and sorcery, film soundtracks and eventually the creation of my own AD&D world and trilogy of novels about such. Now I compose music inspired by fantasy and sci-fi, from movies to my fantasy world of the Rakinik... when I'm not chasing my wife and six children around of course.

All songs copyright by Ralrok (Dan J. Schulte). All rights reserved.
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I'm composing and performing medieval fantasy music for fantasy enthusiasts. Whether you lose yourself in a classic book trilogy such as Lord of the Rings or engulf yourself in the epic world of your own fantasy role-playing game or CCG there is always a song for you, your place or your fantasy creations. In my sound worlds you'll experience a symbiosis of technology and a sometimes natural acoustic or renaissance mix that forms a variety of sound range from ambient to driving sequencer rhythms. I'l take you into many fantasy realms including the most bustling towns filled with warriors and wizards, the darkest goblin infested caves and caverns, the highest dragon-filled mountains, the most serene grassy fields, the bloodiest battlefields where heroism is at every corner...

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