Aramyrian Diseaseís first known victim was Vlardan Aramyr, for whom the disease is named. The symptoms of the disease were first noted after a wild beast bit him, though the species of beast isnít mentioned in the record. The disease causes startling and sometimes frightening effects. The victim begins to lose color pigment from his or her eyes and skin. Strands of hair may become lighter. However, the most drastic change is the craving for blood.

. When a person first gains the disease, it can often be mistaken for a common cold or perhaps depression. The victims will feel weak of body and mind. They may lie in bed for days and days, mostly sleeping with sometimes wild or vivid dreams. Though they may eat normally, they wonít seem to get any better, but instead, increasingly worse. Over the first 10 days or so they will slowly lose appetite for most foods, save meat. Eventually they will suffer stomach-aches and cramps as well as vomiting and diarrhea if they eat anything save meat, blood, and water. Victims will commonly seem lethargic and sluggish, a bit slow of mind.

The color may be seen retreating from the eyes within the first week or two of the disease, though often the change is so slight it is hardly noticed. The eyes will become lighter, as well, eventually turning the iris a dark yellow or orange, or else a grayish pink. Certain strands of hair may begin to lose their color and turn light gray or, in some cases, even white.
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Effects. The diseaseís effects are clear even if the beginning symptoms are not.

The iris, which now has turned to a dark yellow, orange, or grayish pink, will highly increase the victim's sight in the darkness, able to take in more light and seeing the world far clearly even when no moon hangs in the sky. However, the eyes are highly sensitive to rays of the sun, causing stinging or burning. Even in shady places where it seems as if the sun couldnít penetrate, like in forests and woods, the victims may experience discomfort. The skin, by now turned to a pallid white, is also very sensitive to the sun. Victims may experience rashes or burns if their skin is exposed to the sun too long.

The victim will by this time have typically given up all normal foods, except meats, though some victims give up their desire to eat meat and only live off blood and water. However, all victims will experience a desire to drink blood, and may go through episodes of frantic desire if they donít get the blood they need. If deprived of blood, the victim will die. Many victims seemed to have a heightened desire for intercourse, as well, sometimes even leading them to rape. However, because the disease also seems to hinder fertility, rapes and intercourse will not often result in a pregnancy.

The disease is believed to have severe mental effects, causing frenzies and insanity. Though many elves live to be well over 400 years old, most who contract this disease do not live far past 200 or 250.
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Cure/Prevention. There is so far no prevention for the disease, as many researchers and doctors have not had a willing patient to do experiment with or test in any way. However, it is believed that the disease is spread through intercourse and through an exchange of bodily fluids, including blood. For this reason, most people, especially dark elves who are prone to the disease, are recommend to stay away from victims and to not have any sexual contact with one who has this disease.
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Vector/Cause. The diseases cause two things: 

  1. Causes color to fade from the victimís body, seen in the skin, eyes and hair, and 

  2. It causes a need for blood and possibly a desire for intercourse. 

The disease is believed to destroy the pigment in the eyes, skin, and in parts of the hair. The pigment will usually be eaten away at until the skin becomes a pallid white, and then seems to stop. By this time, the eyes will have become a dark yellow, orange, or grayish pink, and streaks of the hair will have turned lighter.

The desire for blood arises from the victimís body being rendered incapable of producing enough blood on its own, and thus it must steal the blood of others. Blood is constantly being recycled in the body, and usually victims who suffer from this disease need new blood every few days. They can get this from another animal, but usually they prefer sentient beings. The heightened desire for intercourse is believed to spring from the origins. The beast from which this disease was extracted probably had an almost constant mating season. However, the disease also seems to decrease fertility.
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Endemic. The only victims of this disease have been dark elves. This may be because only dark elves are allowed to join the notorious Blood Eye Cult, whose members are the only known victims of this disease. It is so far unknown if other races are effected by this disease. Aramyrian Disease can only be spread from parent to child and through the mixing of bodily fluids, including those exchanged in intercourse.
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Age of Blood

60 b.S. First Sightings
The first documented cases of this disease is a victim called Vlardan Aramyr. It is believed that he caused the disease from being bit by a sick animal, but what kind of animal this was isnít recorded. He is later cast out from his tribe with a group of followers who he also infected with the disease through a number of sexual relations.

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