The Arm Blades (Slicers)

Description. A sheet of metal with three seperate blades. It resembles, somewhat, a bird's wing, and this was the inspiration for the design. The blades attach to the forearms by leather straps which help to also steady it. At the end near the hand they curve back into a handle for better handling. At the other end is a jointed elbow guard, so the arm can be bent or straight.

Origin. Originally designed by a war strategist named Markus Kale. It is said that he was standing on a hill after battle and when he saw the wings of the carrion birds he was suddenly inspired. Later that night he drew up plans for the weapon. A week later the blacksmith had finished them and the army's commander tested them immediately in the field of battle. At the Battle of Three Suns, Kale was given a rank of troops, all outfitted with the new weapon. Markus and the rest of the Rahaz-Dath Mercenaries were highly victorious.

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